Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Fun

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day! Today is Mallory's Valentine's Day Party at her school so this week we worked on her Valentine's box, cards and treats for her party. 

If you recall in the Show Me the Love blog, I was going to be ambitious and try to make a castle for her box. I had seen this castle on Pinterest and thought I could give it a shot. I was just sure though that I would end up in the Nailed it page. Some of these are so hilarious! 

Mallory and I went and got our supplies and began to work on it! I used a Cheerios cereal box for the middle part and paper towel rolls for the columns. 

I got some stickers and wanted to spell her name and castle and put some hearts around the door. 

I told Mallory to go to town on the heart stickers and decorating it all

I thought she would have put more on there but she put the ones she wanted on there and then put the rest on some paper that was beside it. Brian helped to make the top of the columns and we put the flags on top. I think it turned out really well!

Mallory was so excited about her castle. I know her teachers at school are ready to see it since she had talked about it all week


We had the Valentine's Box ready to go! We got her Princess valentine's all put together to give to her friends at school and the final thing we needed to do was to get the Rice Krispies ready. I signed up to bring Rice Krispies again this year and I went the same route - bought them :) But I did get some sprinkles and let the sprinkle master go to town

We have had a fun time this week working on these items for her party today! Love these moments with my little girl!


rockinabbs29 said...

cute castle! My daughter made one too! I saw the idea on pinterest! :)

Andrea C. said...

Super impressed!

Kati said...

I love it! Prettiest castle I've seen. Good job mama!

Lyndsey said...

The castle is fantastic! And I love that Mallory added her own special touches to the rice crispy treats - they look totally homemade doused in sprinkles!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Great job you two! I love that child and her SMILE!!!