Monday, January 26, 2015

Show Me The Love!

Welcome the Show Me The Love Blog Linkup Party!! We are so happy you've joined us! 


One of the things I love about Valentine's Day are the cute clothes! I usually like to buy Mallory a couple of cute outfits and the good thing is, these can be worn all throughout the year! I always look at Target but I picked up the following items for Mallory at Old Navy:

Mallory loved both of the items I got for her and definitely had to put the dress on as soon as I showed it to her. And she has asked to wear the Minnie Mouse shirt to school every morning so I think this year's choices were a win!


I've started making a Valentine's Day card for Brian from Mallory and I on Shutterfly and this year, I did the same. I know he will act surprised when he sees it on Valentine's Day since he reads my blog but I wanted to share with you the front of it. 

And because I basically keep Shutterfly in business by ordering many things from them, they were kind and sent me a $20 coupon to use. I made some cards for Mallory to give to some of her favorite people aka Papa, Nana and Grammy. I love this picture from the Glamour Party Mallory went to so I was happy to get to use it on this card. I had so much fun making these!

For Mallory's friends at school, we go simple. Mallory picked the same Valentine's as she did last year. No surprise here. This girl loves her some Disney Princess:


Most everyone knows this but God did not give me the spiritual gift of Craftiness. You will tell that my friends, Brettni, Lyndsey and Joy are the craft queens and I am just hoping some of their craftiness will rub off on me in some way! Last year, for school, Mallory needed to make a Valentine's Day box so we kept it simple and used a shoe box and decorated it.

This year, I'm going to attempt something a little more ambitious, a Princess' Castle Box. I saw this one below on Pinterest and I'm pretty sure I can do this. It's a cereal box with paper towel holders and decorations. I think Mallory and I could do this together so wish us luck :)

In 2013, my sister-in-law, Stephanie, had this cute idea for Mallory for Valentine's Day. We got some plates from the Dollar Store, drew a heart on it and let Mallory use the red finger paint to color it. One of my favorite things I have!


My friend Kati told me about the Pinkalicious books and Mallory has loved me reading them to her. She loves the stories and I think she would really love this book which includes cards and stickers! May have to look into getting this as a gift for her!

We can't talk about a day about Love without talking about the most important love that God has for us! How Big is God? is a book that Mallory and I both love and when we read it, we talk about how big God is but how he loves us each deeply. Grateful.

Thank you for visiting our Blog Linkup and look forward to reading your posts!


The Calhoun Clique said...

First, I loved Valeries love dress it was very cute. Second you will totally rock the cereal box princess castle! You can do it girl. Third, I haven't ever seen the book how big is God, I will have to get that to read to my girls. And pinkalicious books are the best!

Lyndsey said...

You can totally make that cereal box! And those cards are adorable - I'm sure Brian will act very surprised :)

Hollie said...

Hi! Such a fun linkup. Thank you!!

Ella and I will definitely be trying the plate this year. I always love how sweet they turn out. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. I'm also loving the "How Big is God" book. I've already bought a few, but may have to add that to our stash. XO

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Oh my! That plate! I'm totally stealing that idea!

Good luck with the Castle Card Box. You've got this!