Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Emerson Family Christmas 2014

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Christmas with my grandmother and aunts, uncles and cousins on my Mom's side of the family. I always look forward to seeing everybody. We are a wild and crazy bunch but that's what makes family great! The cousins draw names and exchange gifts each year. This is what happens when we try to get a pic of all of the kids!

Each kid held their present to give to the other kid they bought for. Yes, I'm laughing at how perfectly our wrapping paper matches Mallory's dress :)

Everytime one of them opened their gift, they held it up because they were so excited!

After all the kids opened their gifts, it was time for the surprise baby shower for Jensen. Since we were all together, we decided to have a little shower so it was fun to surprise Ryan and Kate!

They got a lot of great gifts!!

And it wouldn't be a family get together without a little rough housing with Greg

We then gave Mamaw her Christmas presents. She is so loved by everyone and I love seeing her smile when she opens her gifts!

The adults brought gift cards and we played the game where you can steal. It didn't get too heated this year but there was a lot of stealing going on

And if you can't find Eva or Mallory, you can bet they are very close to their Nana. They love her so much!

It was a great evening with my wonderful family!

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