Friday, December 26, 2014

Bradley Family Christmas 2014

Tuesday after work, Brian and I headed to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with them, my brothers and their families. Mallory had stayed with them during the day so she was there when her cousins got there! She asked me first thing Tuesday morning when Eva, Kiersi and Kayden were coming so to say she was excited is an understatement. When we got there, it was time to eat and begin the Christmas fun! 

My mom's Christmas tree is always my favorite. It looked beautiful as usual!

And when you zoom out and see all of the living room, you see that the girls were having a good time playing at Nana and Papa's

We stay the night at my parents and open presents on Christmas eve morning but this year, we got to open our gifts from Ryan and Kate early. We always play games the night we are there and Ryan and Kate got the girls a game to play and...

They got each of us a game - Pegs and Jokers! We always play this game when we go to Joyce's house when we visit my hometown but we've never had a board to play it on here and now we do! We all loved it and were excited that we got to play it Tuesday night!

We played games and I got this cute picture of Eva laying in Mallory's lap while they watched a movie

After games, we all went to sleep in anticipation of the morning!

The morning came and we got the traditional cousin pic in front of the Christmas tree! Next year, Jensen will be in the photo with these cute girls!

Before we opened presents, Kayden read us the Christmas story of Jesus' birth. She did a great job!

Then, it was time to open presents!

Greg, Melody, Kiersi and Kayden got Mallory a Frozen book and while they were at Disney World last month, they got Elsa and Anna to sign it! You know that Mallory loved it!

She had to show everybody what she got it and that they signed it!

When it was time for Papa and Nana to open gifts, I love that the girls were close by to see what they got...and to help open the gifts :)

Mallory and Eva both got cash registers from Nana and Papa!

We each received wonderful gifts and it is just great being with everybody. I love my little family being with all my family!

My parents gave us our stockings at the end and we all laughed because Kate, Brian and Melody all finally got stockings this year!! They are officially in the family - ha! 

Then, it was time to find the pickle! Mom and Dad always hide the pickle ornament in the tree and then whoever finds it wins money! I have not won it but I was determined to this year. And...I did! I finally won!!!

Here is the video of us all searching for the pickle and me finally winning! Mom and Dad's tree is so full that it makes it difficult to find! We are all so competitive when it comes to finding the pickle! I love it! And I might have to use the money to buy two ornaments for Mom that I broke while trying to find the pickle :)

After the win, it was time for brunch!  These four relaxed and watched some TV while they waited to eat

And Greg and Ryan played with their new present we got each of them: a travel table tennis set. There were many games played before we all left

Bacon, sausage, biscuits, scrambled eggs and lots more. It was soooooo good!

Before we all got ready to leave, it was one last picture of the girls with Nana and Papa.

I loved being with my family so much! This Christmas Eve morning tradition is definitely one of my favorites! 


Lyndsey said...

What is pegs and jokers? You might need to bring that to New Years!

Fun Christmas eve with fam! We did almost the exact same thing!

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

We stay with my parents on Christmas Eve and it's always so much fun being together. And I've got to get one of those pickles! Such a sweet time with family!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

I've never heard of pegs and jokers either. Thant looks fun!

I absolutely love the picture of Eva in Mallory's lap. Such a perfect photo of what Christmas is all about.