Monday, December 22, 2014

More Christmas Fun!

Happy Christmas Week! 

Saturday night, we went to dinner and then went to look at Christmas lights. We always go to the same places where we live and it never disappoints! This house is always my favorite and Brian always knows to make sure it's a stop on our tour!

We then go to the cul-de-sac where all of the house are decked out in lights and decorations! There are always a good amount of cars there looking at lights because all of the houses have so much.

We usually just drive around but this year, we decided to get out and walk around to get a closer look

Our friends live in one of the houses that is on the cul-de-sac and they did a great job as usual with everything!

Our last stop for the evening was the Gillespie's home. I knew they had a blow-up Mickey and Minnie so I told Mallory we had to go see them. Once we got there she kept saying she wanted to stand by them so, we did. And took a picture. I'm just glad the neighbors didn't call the cops for the people walking in Josh and Shannon's yard :)

Sunday morning, we headed to church and Mallory was so happy to wear her Christmas dress. There is always a very pretty Christmas tree in our church's Chrildren's building so it's a perfect place to take pictures, so we do! We told Liam and Mallory to go stand by the tree for a pic so Mallory just put her hand on Liam's shoulder - Love it!

Our annual family picture 

After church we headed to our friend's - The Patterson's house for their Gender Reveal party! I was looking forward to this because I've told Lauren she's having a girl from the beginning! I couldn't wait to find out if I was right or not!

And I was!!! Pink!! I'm so excited for Shane and Lauren! They are going to be fantastic parents! 

After leaving the gender reveal party, we headed to my Aunt's house for Christmas with all my cousins, aunts and uncles on my Mom's side of the family. I'll have another post for that but this one was so happy to get some fairy wings and wand last night :)

Have a wonderful week!!!


Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

HOLY MOLY! Those homes are AMAZING!!

As always, I love the Mallory and Liam pics!!

Lyndsey said...

How cool that you know someone in that cul-de-sac, it's my fave!!!