Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: October 17-19, 2014

Friday afternoon, we spend time outside enjoying the nice temps. Mallory played in her house and then we both screamed and ran in when saw a huge spider on her playhouse. We both told Brian to kill it as soon as he got home. Ha. We don't do spiders.

The fun for the night moved inside. Mallory loves putting her markers together end on end to see how many of them will stay together. Brian helped her do it this time and we watched him attempt to keep them from falling. He did a good job. This is the fun we have at the Estes home on a Friday night! Mallory loved it so we loved it.

Saturday morning, I found Mallory in her favorite reading spot: behind the rocking chair in her room. I'm not sure why she likes it so much, I guess because nobody can really see her but she goes back there with her Disney book and reads. I now when I haven't heard her for a while, I know where to look.

After breakfast, we headed to where my parent's live for their town's Fun Fest. Even better, Eva got to join us for the fun and we were so excited to go see what all there was. More on this fun in a later post.

All the fun in the sun made for great naps! Sunday evening we headed over to The Calhouns to celebrate Joy's birthday! We had fajitas and Churros! The Ballards brought those from Costco and they were the hit for sure. So good! These kiddos had so much fun playing together! 

We were also looking forward to our friend Brettni being in town so we could see her and her family but her sweet Delta Mae got sick and they had to head back home. We FaceTimed with her so she would know we were missing her! She may kill me for putting this on here but we missed you Brettni!

Sunday morning, we headed to church and enjoyed a great sermon by our friend, Michael. He taught on Jonah and I kept laughing at myself because we've watched "Jonah - A Veggietales Movie"  so much that every time he would talk about a part of Jonah's journey, I would think about that part in the movie and Jonah as the Asparagus. But hey, Mallory knows about Jonah and you can learn a lot from a Veggietales movie!

Sunday afternoon looked like this for us.

Mallory decided she wanted to go with Brian to get our traditional Sunday night pizza. She had her dress on and I told her to go put her tights on and she came out in her tutu so that's how she went. She loved her outfit!

And that's a wrap!


Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

I love your comment "Sunday looked like this" followed by a passed-out Mallory picture. That's what a Sunday should look like!

I had forgotten how big the spiders are there. I don't know if everything is bigger in Texas, but hair, tornadoes, and spiders definitely are! =)

Miss you too, Lady!

Lyndsey said...

Saturday night was so fun! And I would have been right there with y'all running like crazy from that spider!