Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun Fest 2014

Saturday morning, Mallory and I headed to where my parents live for their town's Fun Fest. I love this overview shot of downtown.

Even better, Eva got to go with us and Nana and Papa. My parents live close enough to where we could walk to downtown so we loaded up the wagon with these two cuties and headed out

The first stop was the Kids Zone where they had lots of games for little kids. They both were very focused on carrying their egg in the spoon and walking

After playing the games, and getting candy, we headed to the bounce house. They both did the slide and after that they were done. They didn't want to climb up anything - took much work!

Then, we made it to the most exciting part of the morning, riding the ponies! Papa walked with Mallory and Nana walked with Eva. 

Mallory's been talking about the ponies since Saturday morning. I think she loved it!

We walked downtown to see all the booths. My parent's church had a booth where you could shoot basketballs so I had fun doing that. And yes, I made it :)

Our next stop was the pumpkin patch. Mallory's teachers were there and she was so happy to see Mrs. Janet. And then I got this sweet photo of Mallory and Eva

And then we had to get a pic with Nana and Papa!

After all the fun, it was time to head home but before we left, we picked up lunch. I got to carry the lunch home for everyone!

Well, the two littles got to eat on the ride home.

Fun Fest was just that: Fun!


Lyndsey said...

Eva and Mallory with their giant sunglasses is just TOO MUCH!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

I love that the girls gave up on the slide because it was to much work. Haha!!!!