Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Tea Party

Sunday night, Mallory asked me to come to her tea party. It could have been considered more of a picnic with all of the food she brought out but a tea party it was! She had her doll and her baby (you can barely see her head poking out on the other side) already at the table and was waiting for me to sit with her. 

I'll be honest. I'm almost crying as I write this blog. Do you ever have those moments when you are just so overwhelmed by the love you have for your child? Mallory was so happy about her tea party she had invited me to and just seeing the sure joy on her face made my heart burst. She asked me "Do you want to come to my tea party Momma?" I said Yes and enjoyed that wonderful moment. I wanted to tell her that I will come to all of her tea parties and to please don't ever grow up and stop having tea parties :)

Her Smile. Her Joy. Be still my heart.

May I never forget these moments and the love we share. May I never forget how proud she was that she set the table for her tea party all by herself. May I never forget how she made sure we prayed before we "ate." And above all, may I never forget how our Heavenly Father loves us with more love than we could ever know and how we get the opportunity to share that love everyday.

Here's to many more tea parties to come!


The Killough's said...

So sweet! Zoey loves having tea parties!!!

Lyndsey said...

That's so sweet! What an honor to be invited to such a lovely tea party!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

You won't forget it! What a special day. And our tea parties are picnics too!

You should never run out of food at a party. ;)