Friday, September 19, 2014

Back Together

For most of this week, Brian was in Nevada for work. Mallory and I really miss Brian while he's away and I know it's not easy for him to be away but it's part of the job and he is so good at his job! I'm glad I get to see that everyday! Brian left early Monday morning and so while Daddy was away, we played!

Mallory got to stay at her favorite place Monday night - Nana and Papa's. My dad sent me this picture of Mallory's drawing of me. At first I thought she thinks I have a beard but my friends said it could be a red dress. Either way, I love it and if it is a beard she drew, please tell me when I need to shave!

Tuesday night, we headed to gymnastics. For some reason on this night, she just HAD to put on her sunglasses as we got out of the car and wear them inside.

After I picked Mallory up from school on Wednesday, we headed to Party City to get Mallory's Halloween costume. She has been saying for the past month that she wants to be Sofia the First so I figured since we had an evening with nothing planned, we would go ahead and head to get her dress. 

Party City has a full wall of pictures of costumes to choose from when you walk in so Mallory was overwhelmed when she started looking but we found Sofia and got her dress. They have a little dressing room to try them on so I let her go in to see if the dress would fit. I love her face as she looks in the mirror 

As we were leaving the store, she said "I want to be Elsa." Ha! Just like my friends said, indecisiveness is part of being a woman and being three.

Mallory and I headed for dinner together at On The Border and she was cracking me up. We had the best time.

When we got home, Mallory had to put her dress on and FaceTime with Brian. I caught her in mid pose showing her Daddy her new dress.

Brian loved his note that I spoke about earlier this week that Mallory showed him before left. We put it back for him to look at again when he got to his hotel.

Brian was supposed to come back home Thursday afternoon but I was so happy when he texted me early Thursday  morning to tell me he had caught a much earlier flight home. He went to pick Mallory up from school and she was so happy that he was there to pick her up. We are both so happy we are back together as a family! Distance does make the heart grow fonder. We are so thankful for all Brian does for our family! 

Hope you have a great weekend!


Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Love her looking at herself in the mirror, and then again having to FaceTime to show it to her Daddy. Love it!

katebradley said...

Glad Brian made it home safely! Love Mallory's drawing of you, and yes I think you just have a red body, not a beard!