Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: September 12-14, 2014

I'm actually starting this wrap-up on Thursday night. Caleb played a great game and led his team on the winning drive to score a touchdown! We were all so excited!

Friday night, we headed back to the football field to cheer the Varsity team on. I'm not going to lie - we were cold! I knew it would be chilly but it was pretty cold when the wind blew. Mallory kept looking for the Yellowjacket the whole time and then two cows from Chick-Fil-A came and she got even more excited to see them.

We cheered on the Yellowjackets until after halftime. We watched the Stingerettes and then Mallory and I headed home because she was exhausted from being out late the night before too. We are so happy the Yellowjackets won again!

Saturday morning, Mallory and I went shopping. Her foot has grown a full size since last cold season so we had to get some shoes that fit that weren't flip flops. I took some clothes that didn't fit anymore to Kid to Kid and was able to get some shoes and some cute clothes there. I was so happy with our finds! We hit up Old Navy for some tights and got a couple of things at Carters and Wal Mart. We had a great time together!

Mallory was happy to show off her finds. The Disney princess purse was $2 at Kid to Kid so that was her present for being good during all the shopping when I had to hold clothes up to her to see if they would fit. She and I both loved the dress with the rainbow bottom we found and she couldn't wait to wear it to Liesl's birthday party.

Saturday evening, we headed to celebrate Liesl turning One! I can't believe she's One! The theme was Liesl's First Fiesta and it was so much fun! The decorations and food were fantastic! The fellowship with friends was the best though! We are so blessed by the friendships we have!

Mallory loves Liesl so much ( we all do ) but Mallory always wants to see her and hold her. She's is so sweet to her and I love how much she likes to take care of her. Mallory and her friends all had fun playing and hitting the pinata to get all the candy. We all had a wonderful time! Liesl loved the cake and just stuck her mouth on it and starting eating. Greatness. Happy 1st Birthday Liesl! 

Sunday morning, we headed to church and after I got Mallory ready to go, she came in with her princess crown on wanting to wear it to church. I said no but bargained and she got to wear her necklace and bracelets. I pick my battles. 

I had a youth meeting after lunch and then when I got home, I cleaned out and organized Mallory's closet. I've been meaning to do it for a while so I finally conquered it. It took a awhile but I am happy now that you can open the door and actually see everything that is in there. I also tackled her play room and got it organized. It probably won't stay that way for long but I'm happy that it is all organized for this moment.

We usually order pizza on Sunday night so while Brian was gone to pick it up, Mallory and I made him a cake. He has to travel for work this week so we wanted to make something for him before he left. We also wrote a note to put in his suitcase so he would find it when he got to the hotel. We hid it in the suitcase but as soon as Brian got home, Mallory went to show it to him because she was so excited about it :) It was so sweet so I didn't stop her. And, of course the best part of making the cake was licking the beaters!

The Estes Fam

And in Estes Family football fun, we eat the pizza while watching Sunday Night Football. Mallory and I sing the opening song that Carrie Underwood sings together but last night, Mallory wanted to perform herself. Love her!

And after this, we turned it on to the Ms. America Pageant. Mallory and I loved it. Mallory would act out the walks and dancing. It was so fun!

And that my friends, is a wrap. Have a wonderful week!


Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

She just can't help herself, she's gotta dance! Love it!

And her revealing the surprise note is just too funny.

Lyndsey said...

What a cute idea to put a note in his suitcase! Will's first work trip is next week so I may have to steal that idea :)

Mallory looked PERFECT in her rainbow dress for the fiesta - I love how much she loves Liesl!