Friday, August 8, 2014

Five on Friday - 8/8/14

I know the Five on Friday blog girls are on Summer break but here we go anyway:


We've just been enjoying Summer! We've been spending the evenings outside and when it was raining a couple of weeks ago, Mallory enjoyed reading her books in her Minnie Mouse tent. Last weekend, Mallory spent the evening at Nana and Papa's with her cousins, Kiersi and Kayden. Nana and Papa invested in some more toys, including a new cash register with a microphone which all the girls loved!

{ TWO }

Speaking of being outside...Brian mowed the lawn a couple of days ago so he started using the leaf blower to get the grass off of the driveway and Mallory loved it. This video makes me laugh every time!


One of my favorite blogs to read lately is Mix and Match Family's blog - have you read it?? I love it and really wish I could move in with Shay in her new house. She's giving a house tour every couple of days and I love seeing it! Click on the link above and Enjoy!

{ FOUR }

We said goodbye this week to the Longhorn grill that we were keeping in storage for our friends. They just moved into their new house so they now have room for it. I'm sure my friend Melody was so happy to see it come back to her home :) Now I don't have to worry about it looking at me when I pull into the garage anymore. Ha!


Yes, I started and ended with this one. She always makes me smile and I love just being with her! Yes, she has her threenager moments but for the most part, she's so fun and loveable and I'm so grateful God allowed me to be her mom!

I'll leave you today with her sweet smile :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lyndsey said...

Love that girl of yours, love that blog, and LOVE that video! Happy Friday!

Brettni Brumfield said...

That video is the BEST!! Who knew a leaf blower could be so fun!

I'll have to check that blog out. Miss you!