Monday, August 11, 2014

A Weekend Home

This past weekend, Brian, Mallory and I headed to East Texas to my hometown, Hughes Springs. I haven't been there since June of last year so I was ready to get back and to see our close family friend, Joyce, and all the people that I miss seeing since we moved. 

Just some back story for all my avid readers :) ...I lived in Hughes Springs all of my life and graduated high school from there in 2000. ( I know soooo long ago ). My parents moved from Hughes Springs the Summer after I graduated High School so it's crazy to think that it's been 14 years now since we lived there. I like to go back when I can especially now to show Mallory where I grew up.

We got to Joyce's Friday night and the first thing that Mallory wanted to see is Joyce's cat. Once the cat finally came out, she was happy to see him and to pet him.

Saturday morning, we all slept in. Mallory always sleeps so good ( and late! ) when we stay at Joyce's and this weekend was no different. It was still bearable outside Saturday morning so we went outside to swing and play.

We all love Joyce's swing

Mallory rode her tricycle around and helped Joyce feed her fish in her little pond. 

We went it and ate a late breakfast. A lot of these pictures mean so much to me because I never thought about bringing my child back to this house and her enjoying all the things I did growing up. I used to stay at Joyce and Earl's house so many nights growing up - I loved being with them and now I get to share that with Mallory. This seat that Mallory is sitting in was always my favorite seat and it quickly became Mallory's favorite too. 

Joyce made the most wonderful breakfast! We were definitely spoiled!

Joyce just recently retired from playing the piano at the church we grew up in and Mallory found her piano and played us some tunes. She cracked me up when she brought her princess story book in and set it up and started playing like she was playing the Princess songs.

Saturday afternoon, Brian, Mallory and I went for a drive around town. I always like to go by the houses I grew up in and the school to see if and how much it has changed. Some things haven't changed and some things have. Mustang Boulevard pictured below will always be in my mind. Growing up, we always had to run up these hills in athletics. Torture. But I survived and just laugh when I see these hills now. At least I was in good shape then!

Saturday evening, we went to eat at my favorite place - David Beard's Catfish Village. One of my best friends from high school, Ashley and her family met us there. I'm so glad we've stayed close through all these years. She married one of our classmates, Stephen and they have the cutest kiddos. Ashley and Stephen both teach at Hughes Springs and Stephen coaches so I was glad we could catch up with them.

Mallory loved Ashleys' kids, Addison and Brody and they played so well together!

Sunday morning, we headed to FBC Hughes Springs, the church that I grew up in. It was so wonderful to see so many sweet faces that I grew up with. It was so great to worship there and to share it with Brian and Mallory. Mallory went straight to Ashley when we got to church and sat with her all during church. Brian and I were both surprised at how well she did sitting in big church!

Two of my favorite people! 

Everybody at church was telling me how much  Mallory looks like me. I think it's funny because most people think she looks just like Brian (including me) and in Hughes Springs, they all remember me when I was little so they can see that resemblance. I did find this picture of Greg and I at Joyce's and I can see of some of Mallory in me from this.

It was a great weekend trip and one that I enjoyed so much! Now, we are back home and happy to be back but I will always love going back to my first home!


katebradley said...

Ahh! I can't wait til we go to see Joyce in October! We like to wait until Fall so we can really enjoy outside. Poor Little Bit won't know what's coming when Eva walks into the house....

Brettni Brumfield said...

Mallory sitting in your favorite chair is so sweet and special.

Are we getting sentimental in our 30s?! I thought that only happened to old people. ;)