Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mallory's 3rd Birthday Party - Part 2

Mallory was so excited Saturday morning when she woke up because she knew it was almost time for her Princess Party! I know she had the best time with all her friends and I loved seeing the big smile on her face the whole time!

Our princess, Belle, ready to celebrate!

I loved seeing all the girls in their princess dresses! Please excuse Mallory's hair in the beginning. I was honestly running a little behind in getting everything set up before the party started so Brian got her dressed and I didn't have time to really fix her hair until after the party started - but I love these pictures of her having fun with her friends!

I really think the kids like the coloring table and some of them were very serious about coloring...and following the color key!

After eating Mom's delicious treats, it was time to open presents. I think Mallory set a record of how fast a person could open presents. I couldn't see what she had received by the time she had  moved onto the next present :) I think she had been to so many birthday parties in the last couple of weeks that she was so happy that it was her tun to open some instead of watching!

Mallory loved all the toys she received and I loved all the clothes!

After the quick present opening, it was time for the birthday cake! 

We've been practicing blowing out her candle and she did a great job when it was time!

One of my favorite pictures from Saturday!

Love all these boys and girls and am so glad they could come!

And I'm so thankful for their moms and dads that brought them! We have the best family and friends! Mallory is so blessed!

What a wonderful party!!! It was such a fun time celebrating our daughter and she's been talking about it non-stop. Makes my heart happy!


Brettni Brumfield said...

FUN! I can just picture her opening a gift then throwing it down to grab another. =)

Lyndsey said...

We had the best morning celebrating Miss Mallory! And Liam loved getting to play with his bestie!