Monday, May 19, 2014

Mallory's 3rd Birthday Party - Part 1

Saturday morning was Mallory's 3rd Birthday Party! There was no doubt that the theme of the party this year would be Disney Princess. Mallory said she wanted to have a Princess Party and that's what we did. Once I knew the theme, I headed to Etsy to find the perfect party invitation and I found it! I was so happy with the way the invitation turned out! We are so thankful that Brian's Aunt Laurie and Uncle Jim opened up their home again for Mallory's party!

Thank goodness for Etsy and Pinterest for some of the party ideas! My mom and I had some ideas and then I found some on those websites and I think we all worked well together :) I told all my friends that had little girls to wear their princess dresses to the party. Mallory wanted to wear her Belle dress and I knew she would love seeing all of her other friends in their dresses. I knew that I wanted to have tiaras for the little girls and crowns for the boys. The tiaras were easy to find but I really couldn't find any little boy crowns so they got ones made out of construction paper. I think they worked though!

I set out the tiaras and crowns by their cups with ring pops inside. I wanted them to get their tiaras and crowns when they walked in so I put the table by the front door so they could get them for the party and they could get the cups when they left. They girls got Princess cups and the boys got Lightning McQueen cups.

I was so excited when I found a free Disney font to download for the princess/prince labels. I loved printing out each of their names with Princess and Prince in front of them. 

I found this backdrop at Party City that had the princesses and I thought it would be great to take pictures in front of - Not just of the kids, I knew the adults would like their picture taken in front of it too :)

I set up another table again this year where the guests could write notes and sign their names in a book for Mallory. I found a Disney princess book and all the guests wrote something in the book. I hope it's something she will love to have when she's older! I know I will love it! I put the book out in front of two pictures that are from her 3 year photo shoot. We took some pics in her Belle dress because she loves it so much and I was so happy to set them out as part of her party. I love how they turned out!

My mom brought these cute princesses and a cute princess banner that we put on the mantle. We put all of the gifts by the fireplace and she opened them there.

Mallory loves to color and she especially loves to color the big Disney princess coloring sheets so I figured we would have a coloring station for the kids. They are color by number sheets so I set the coloring key in the middle for the kids that wanted to look at it. 

Finally, the food. My mom brought/made all of the food and punch. She is the best! Everything was so delicious!

My mom had found online that a party had food labels with different princess and descriptions. I loved the idea and worked on that once we knew what all food was going to be there. I used a couple of the descriptions and the made up the rest on my own. Just throw "magical" and "charmed" in there and it makes it fun! I loved getting to use the Disney font again!

Since Elsa and Anna from Frozen are still pretty new, they aren't in all of the old-school Disney princess stuff so I included them on the table.  I really had a fun making these labels and am so glad how they turned out!

And finally, there's the cake! Of course my sister-in-law, Melody, did an amazing job. I sent her a picture of the design of the cake I liked and then we added the princess figurines and the tiara as the topper at the party. I loved how it turned out!

I honestly had so much fun getting everything ready for the party! I told myself this year I wasn't going to stress or worry about doing everything and I didn't. I enjoyed making the things I made and with minimal decorations, there wasn't a lot to do! My mom was so great in helping with the food and setting everything up - I'm so thankful for her and my Dad!  Brian was great in going along with everything princess - he loves celebrating his little girl and was so great to run to the store at the last minute when I needed something - like a glue stick :)

I can't wait to show you pics of all the princes and princesses that came to celebrate with us!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

Great job, Mama!!!! I love the stand with her pictures and a book for the guests to sign. Can't wait to see more!