Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Mallory!

Mallory Anne Estes, you are THREE years old! 

Time has gone by so quickly! You make our hearts so happy! You so are so fun and outgoing! Everybody still says that you look just like your Daddy but I do know you have my personality. You LOVE to Dance and always want us to dance with you! You like to dance like Belle and Rella but you also like to dance to the faster music and get your Shake on!  You are rarely ever still - you play hard but you also sleep hard. 

Your vocabulary has increased so much in just the last month. You tell us about what happened at school and church. You love to talk about your friends and your teachers. You say you are "free" aka three today and I love hearing your little voice. You do like to tattle on Daddy and will come tell me if "Daddy did it." You are quick to say "I Sorry" when you are supposed to. Your laugh is infectious! You like to hide from Daddy until he finds you and think it's hilarious when he does. You like to get on your "phone" and say you are calling Nana and Papa or Eva. 

You love to color! You have crayons, markers, paint, etc... everything to color with and numerous coloring books and paper to draw on. You always want me to write your name but if I ask you what your name is, you usually say "Estes." I guess Mallory is too hard to say. 

You also love to eat :) Everytime I ask you what you want to eat, you mostly say: Chicken and Fries. I think your Daddy and you like going to Raising Canes and McDonald's. Sometimes you will say you want pizza and other times you will say "cheese" meaning you want Macaroni and Cheese. You love fruit and would eat up all the strawberries we have in one sitting if I let you. You also like tacos, string cheese, pop tarts, cereal, corn dogs, grilled cheese and the list goes on and on 

You brighten up our lives and everyday and we are so blessed to be your parents! We thank God everyday for you and your sweet smile! I love hearing you pray at the table before we eat and you always want your Daddy to pray before you go to bed. I pray everyday that you will know the love God has for you and that you will Him in our lives. You are the most beautiful Princess - a child of the King of Kings!

We love you so much! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


The Killough's said...

I can't believe she's 3! Happy happy birthday Mallory!!

Kati said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALLORY! I hope you enjoy a good cupcake today. :)

OK Amanda...back to daily work. ;>

The Calhoun Clique said...

Happy Birthday!!! Great pictures by the way!!! ;)

Brettni Brumfield said...

She's such a beauty! Happy Birthday! Love the pictures!!!

Lyndsey said...

I get so tickled watching her get so excited with life! She has one of the biggest personalities and I know she will use it for good when she grows up! I just don't want it to happen so fast!