Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Sunday was a great day but last week I got my first Mother's Day gift from Mallory. She had made this at school and had given it to me! I love it so much!

When Sunday morning came, I got up and started getting ready for church as normal. Mallory came walking into the kitchen with these two things: 

A sweet card she had picked out and some candy. I do love Sour Patch Kids! She and Brian did a great job as usual! We got ready for church and took a couple of pics before we left

I love seeing our pictures throughout the years! I love this little girl so much and love being her Mom!

After church, we went to see Brian's mom. She was working so she couldn't come to lunch with the family so we went by to see her! She was really happy we came by and I'm glad we got to stop by and see her too!

For lunch, we went to Pam and Kam's with the family. We always have a good time when we get together and Sunday was no different. I'm so glad that we were able to celebrate Gran and all the other Mom's in the family

I love all of these pictures!

And I think Mallory was done with smiling for pics when it was time for our family pic :)

After lunch, we came home to get ready for my parents, brothers and their families to come over. I was excited to have everyone over to our house! Since Kiersi and Kayden's birthdays are both in May, we decided to celebrate their birthdays along with Mother's Day. Melody made this great neon cake and cookies. Kiersi turned 8 on May 2 and Kayden turns 7 on May 26! How can that be???

We sang for Kiersi and Kayden individually and they each enjoyed blowing out their birthday candle!

Melody had said the girls wanted a betta fish for their birthday so Brian and Mallory went to the pet store to get a betta fish. Brian came home with two fish and one tank. He had gotten two male fish and read that they can't be in a tank together so back to the pet store he went to get two separate tanks. Our goal was just to keep them alive until we gave them to Kiersi and Kayden on Sunday. We succeeded and the girls were very happy to see their gift!

Mallory got to open a couple of gifts for her birthday coming up so she was thrilled! And then we gave Mom her Mother's Day gift. She loved her necklace!

After eating dinner, eating cake and opening presents, we headed outside to play. This picture means so much to me because I loved just being in our backyard with our family enjoying our time together. It was perfect!!

I love all of these people so much!

Me, my daughter and my Mom. Mallory and I both love this woman so much! She means so much to us and we are so thankful for her everyday! We love being with her and am so grateful for the wonderful example she is as a wife and mother!

This was the perfect Mother's Day!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Love the pics!