Thursday, May 22, 2014

3 Year Photos

I loved Mallory's 3 Year Photos! They were so colorful and fun! My friend Joy from Joyful Photography took them and they turned out great! 

Joy had recommended that we take Mallory's pictures at Deep Ellum in Dallas because they have lots of colorful walls that can serve as great backgrounds for photos and since Mallory has such a colorful personality, I thought it was the perfect fit!

I put some of her pictures in the blog yesterday for her birthday but I wanted to share some more!

Joy also suggested Mallory wear her princess dress for some photos and of course, Mallory loved it! I'm so glad we have these pictures of our sweet princess!

It was such a fun time! Thanks again Joy!


katebradley said...

My niece is soooo pretty, but she needs to stop growing up so fast :)

The Calhoun Clique said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Love the pics, she is such a sass!

Lyndsey said...

I can't get over the princess pictures, I'm stealing that idea in a few years! :) They all turned out so beautiful!