Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Dress

One of my most favorite memories growing up is always getting to get an Easter dress! Easter is such an important day as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and we always got to get a new outfit to wear to church! This is Mallory's 3rd Easter and the third year that we've gone Easter dress shopping. Last Monday night, my Mom (Nana), Mallory and I headed to get Mallory's Easter dress. We went to Dillards because they have so many really pretty dresses so I wanted to start there. We found the most beautiful pink dress but I wanted to make sure I got the right size so we went into the fitting room to try it on.

Now, last time we went into the fitting room at Christmas to try an outfit on, Mallory had a meltdown because she couldn't wear the outfit home. So, before we went in to try the Easter dress on, I told her she was just going to put it on for a minute and that she couldn't wear it home. I thought we were pretty clear on the matter but I was dead wrong. 

I let her admire herself in the mirror for a while and then I approached her to take it off and she had the meltdown above all meltdowns. She did not want to take her dress off. I'm so thankful my Mom was there but there was nothing neither she or I could do to get Mallory to stop from screaming about not wanting to take the dress off. We finally got it off of her so I could pay for it

Her Easter dress is now in her closet where she can't see it until Easter :) I'm afraid of what will happen if she sees it before then and tell her she can't put it on. Can you tell she really loves her new dress??

And then there's me. I usually don't wear dresses. I have my go-to dresses that I wear to weddings and other events and I'll wear one to church every now and then but I'm not a dress girl. That might have changed though because I found some really cute dresses at Target! For Easter, I do try to get a new dress too to wear and this year was no different. Mallory and I headed to Target because I saw some pretty dresses there earlier in the week and I wanted to try them on. I found a pretty coral dress that I really liked. 

After getting the thumbs up from Brian after I sent him the pic, I texted my girl friends to tell them that I actually a dress this year and then the hilarious conversation ensued:

It cracks me up everytime I read this. I have NO fashion sense whatsoever and I was for certain the Melody was asking me if it was for Easter. I had - and still have no idea what eyelet was :) We were all cracking up through this whole conversation. Love my friends!!

And so, this ends the tale of the two Easter dresses...


The Calhoun Clique said...

I still busted out laughing after reading this again! Oh, that was the funniest thing ever!!!!

Andrea C. said...

Yeah, I'm crying from laughing so hard. 'It's polyester'. ha ha ha ha

Brettni Brumfield said...

Please tell me you've at least googled eyelet by now?!! Hahahahaha!! That was the best!

Mallory is going to be SO HAPPY when she sees her dress Sunday morning!