Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Day 2014

Easter Sunday was such a great day!! We really had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of our Savior with our friends and family!! He's Alive!! 

Beware for Easter picture overload. We don't really talk much about the Easter Bunny and we haven't seen any out anywhere we have been so she didn't really expect anything from it. Brian and I just got her a Doc McStuffins's doctor bag that I knew she would love because she's played with other people's a lot that have them. She was very excited when she saw it in her basket.

Yes, I love her face and her bed head!

She started right away taking everything out of the bag and giving us a check-up. She had to wear the stethoscope at breakfast.

After breakfast, it was time to finally get her dress out of the closet for her to wear. She was just as excited as I thought she would be. And she got to wear her new shoes. She knew that it was time to take the picture in front of the house before we left!

She looks so beautiful!

We went to church and Sunday School! It was a wonderful service and so great to worship our Risen King! 

After church, we continued the tradition of taking pictures with Liam. I'm so glad we have these pictures of them together growing up!

They were both cracking us up! Love these two!

And Mallory loves "Seesul" aka Liesl so much too, so we had to get a pic of the three of them. And this one was the best, I think! Liam and Mallory looking at each other and Liesl looking at her big brother, Liam

We also got a picture with Kinsley. These two love each other so much and I'm so glad they get to go to church and school together!

After church, we headed to Kam and Pam's for a Easter Egg Hunt and pics!

I took some pictures of Mallory in Pam and Kam's yard and got some really pretty shots! I love this one - so pretty!

And of course, I have to take a look back

Pink three years in a row :)

Mallory, Emmaline and Josiah hunted Easter eggs and Mallory had a fun time!

Such a great pic of Pappy and Grammy with the littles

Later, we headed over to my parent's house to celebrate

Papa, Nana, Mallory and Eva

Mamaw with Mallory and Eva

These two had the best time together! I love their special relationship!!

The Estes Family

I do have to say that I didn't realize how many people actually read my blog because I got a lot of "eyelet" dress questions from the my previous blog. Cracked me up! I'm pretty sure I know what eyelet is now :)

The Bradley family - we missed Greg, Melody, Kiersi and Kayden!!

Mamaw with her littles and Aiden, Mallory and Eva looking at all of their eggs

What a fantastic day with our family! This was a wonderful Easter Day!


Lyndsey said...

Mallory looked like a beautiful little princess Easter morning - so glad we got to spend some of the day with y'all!

Brettni Brumfield said...

The picture of Liam, Liesl, and Mallory made me laugh out loud. SO FUNNY and SO CUTE!

Miss Mallory looks beautiful in her pretty pink dress! I love how she flares it out for pictures.

And what a great family picture of the three of yall!!!

The Calhoun Clique said...

Mallory looks so cute all dolled up! Momma looks great in her eyelet for Easter dress too!