Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Egg Decorating

Sunday afternoon, I told Mallory we could dye and decorate eggs. She had picked out her decorating materials the day before. I know you are all shocked that she picked Disney Princesses as the decorations but a girl likes what she likes! We got ready to start and I realized, I hadn't boiled the eggs...Mom I told she had to wait a little longer until I boiled the eggs. Thankfully she found something to occupy the time until everything was ready!

Yes, one day, she decided to decorate her a at the table with all of her stickers. So, that is always Mallory's chair now!

Of course I have to do a comparison pic from last year:

Crazy how much a difference a year makes!

We got everything out on the table and got ready to start the dyeing process

Brian came over to help get all of the eggs out of the cups. Mallory was right by his side to help him!

Once the eggs dried, it was time to put the stickers on and decorate the eggs

Not going to lie, there was a meltdown by the 2 year old halfway through decorating. She kept wanting to put the wrap around the eggs and couldn't figure it out so she got frustrated and slammed an egg down on the table and broke it :/ which sent her right to time-out. Oh the fun.

She finally made it back to the table and finished decorating the rest of the eggs

And I got this shot when I told her to show me her egg

Love making these memories with by little girl!


Lyndsey said...

Her eggs look great!

But wait, you're supposed to boil them? Because we totally just dyed regular eggs straight from the carton last night...hmm...maybe this should have been a group activity!

Amanda said...

Thanks friend!

You don't have to boil them but I know my child and that there would probably be a chance of one of them breaking and I didn't want raw egg everywhere so I boiled them. Glad I did :)

Kati said...

It looks like she had fun!! I miss baby Mallory :( but I love toddler Mallory too! ;>

Brettni Brumfield said...

First, I LOVE the picture of her looking at the dye cups! I think it's the light coming through the window that makes it look so prefect!

Second, I love that you mention the meltdowns! Me and mine have them daily too!