Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: January 31 - February 2, 2014

Happy Monday friends! I know I feel like most of my posts are Weekend wrap-ups and Weekly wrap-ups on Friday but that's how I put all my randomness into one blog so it is what it is.

Friday evening, we lived it up by heading to the store to get groceries. I knew I would haven't time to go any other time this weekend so we went ahead and went. Mallory usually does really well when we go to the store. When we got to the check-out line, she went around to end of the buggy and climbed on. It made me laugh because we hadn't seen anybody else riding the buggy like that but I think that is just one thing that is inherently learned, right? She got to ride for just a short ride but she loved it!

Saturday morning, I headed up to our church for our Christmas event. Yes, your read that right. We were unable to have our Women's Ministry Christmas event in December due to Icemaggedon so we decided to postpone it and do it in February. Who doesn't want to celebrate Christmas year round? The theme was "Sharing the Gifts of Christmas" but we knew the theme could mean the same all during the year.

I was really thrilled to hear my friend, Lacey speak. When we were planning the event, I knew Lacey would be the perfect speaker to share her story and how their gift of their daughter, Jacey changed their lives. She did a wonderful job and just witnessing her faith has been such an inspiration for me. 

The decorations were so cute and the food was delicious. Our cook, Jill, did an amazing job with the brunch food and there was so much on each plate she made, that I didn't know where to begin.

We also had breakout sessions where you do paper crafts, learn how to make decorative plates and we helped put together goodie bags for the families with children in the NICU where Jacey was. It's a great ministry that Lacey and Ryan have started since their own experience while Jacey was in the NICU.

When I got home after the event, Brian said that Mallory had been running a fever all morning. I saw her laying by Brian and knew she didn't look like her fun going self. So, the rest of Saturday included lots of snuggles and rest.

Sunday morning, we woke up and Mallory still had a fever so I headed to church and Brian stayed home with Mallory. I had to work our Women's Ministry table for our upcoming retreat so Brian was the rock star dad that took care of her.

Sunday was dedication Sunday - one of my favorites! I love seeing all the cute babies! Our good friends, Bruce and Kelle dedicated their sweet baby boy, Wyatt!

When I got home, it looked like Mallory was making a turn for a better. Her fever was gone and she was playing. I'm hoping that was the last of the fever and everything is on the up and up. You can definitely tell she feels better now and that makes me feel so much better. It's so hard seeing your child sick

Our Sunday School class had a Super Bowl party but I knew I was going to have to miss because we couldn't take Mallory. I was sad to miss our friends ... and the food! Brian went and Mallory and I had our own Super Bowl party - just the two of us.

Love this girl!

It wasn't what I thought the weekend was going to look like but it turned out be a good one filled with lots of family time and extra snuggles which I will always take.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Lyndsey said...

Love the selfie collage! Missed you Sunday night!

Brettni Brumfield said...

WOW! You've changed your blog since I saw it last. I LOVE the boot pictures! Yall rock!