Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: February 7-9, 2014

Happy Monday friends! Here is our Weekend Wrap-Up:

Friday night, we made a trip to our home away from home, Target. Mallory has a Valentine's Day party at school on Friday so we needed to get some Valentine's Day cards. I know you are surprised at the cards that Mallory picked! That was the easy part. We have to make and decorate a Valentine's Day box for all of the cards she will get at the party. I do not have a crafty bone in my body so wish us luck!

Saturday morning, we got to hang out with our nephew, Cade. Cade turned 11 on Tuesday so he was excited to open his birthday present!

Brian had to take a work trip to Austin and while he was there, he got Cade some UT items. Cade was pretty happy with his new stuff!

This picture of the triplets cracks me up. Mallory loves Cade and once Cade got on Brian, Mallory decided she needed to get on Cade. Brian's the only one not smiling in this pic. :)

Saturday afternoon, we headed to East Texas for Ella Beth's 1st Birthday party. Ella's Mom, Melissa, is one of my best friends from High School. I love that we are still close and was so excited to celebrate this milestone with her and her family!

It was so much fun for me because I got to see a lot of people from Hughes Springs - where I grew up. Mallory got to meet a lot of my old friends and Mallory was the most excited about, the cake!

The party was an Alice in Wonderland theme. Melissa did a great job and we had a blast. Happy 1st Birthday Ella!

When we got home, we all crashed because we were exhausted. Later that evening, Mallory wanted to color her giant Disney Princess coloring pages and she wanted Brian and I to color too so we made it a family affair.

Brian is such a wonderful father! He loves spending time with Mallory and I'm sure he never imagined he would be coloring princess color pages on a Saturday night. We all had a good time!

Sunday morning, we headed to church and worshiped with our church family! I love our church family so much! After naps, I got stuff ready for the week and then we headed for dinner at Texas Roadhouse to use a gift card we received at Christmas. It was a wonderful meal and wonderful family time before the week begins!

I took this picture Saturday night. Melissa's dad gave Mallory a balloon from the party and she held onto it all night long. And thank goodness for Frozen videos on You Tube to hold us over until it comes out on DVD.

And this weekend is a wrap! Have a great week!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

I can't wait to see how Mallory's valentine box turns out!