Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When I Leave The Room

Every once in a while, I come across a song that really speaks to my heart. I had heard someone say that there was a sweet song from Natalie Grant that I needed to hear and yesterday at work, I decided to listen to it. Bad idea - I should have listened to it alone - instead, I was sitting at my desk doing the ugly cry.

I've always been a fan of Natalie Grant's and loved getting to listen to her every other weekend while working at Women of Faith. This song is definitely sung from a Mother's heart. Our children are a gift from God and they are His. I know I can't protect Mallory from everything that will come her way but I know she's under God's protection and that gives me peace every night.

I wanted to share this song with you:

Some of my favorite lyrics in the song:

There's nothing more that I can do
But just fall more in love with you
And ask the angel armies to stand by
When I leave the room

I'm gonna fail you
I already have
Ten thousand times
I will fall down flat

You'll have a seat in the front row
Of everything I don't know
And all I'm trying to be
You'll see

I'll always wanna hold you tight
Keep you safe with all my might
So I will leave Jesus next to you
When I leave the room

And not too long after I was listening to this song, I received the following text message from one of Mallory's teachers:

Be still my heart! I'm thankful for sweet people who love Mallory and she definitely loves Ms. Megan so much. I make so many mistakes as a parent but I'm grateful for messages like these where God confirms that He is there and working through us. 

Keep on keeping on Momma's! God is working through you everyday!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

I can't listen to it yet. I was a weepy mess just reading the lyrics. I couldn't even read the lyrics to Brad!