Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: January 10-12, 2014

 This picture below is actually from last weekend but since I didn't know a weekend wrap-up last Monday - here it is. Last Sunday, we went to watch Brian's cousin, Jensen be baptized. Brian's Uncle Jim is a minister at their church so he got to baptize his son - so special! I'm so glad we were able to go and I was very happy Mallory did very well during the whole service. She sat with Brian' Aunt Pam (her Grammy) so she was content with her.

Such a great moment!

Fast forward to this past weekend - on Friday, Mallory got invited to her first birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. It was around lunch time I met my Dad and Mallory there on my lunch break. 

We got to celebrate this cutie bug, Katie, who was turned three!

Pizza, Cake and Games - what more could you ask for? Of course, she wanted to do what Liam was doing most of the time. She got enough tickets to get a Chuck E Cheese spoon. She was very happy :)

Friday night, Mallory and I were laying in her bed talking about the day. I love our bedtime conversations. 

Saturday morning, we slept in but we were all still sleepy because Mallory had a cough that kept us all up most of the night. Poor thing - I hate seeing  her with such a bad cough that keeps her from sleeping. I did get her all set up for breakfast.

Cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. Living the life.

Later that morning, Mallory helped me make some cupcakes. I always remember my Mom letting us lick the beaters when she baked so I'm  happy to pass the tradition on. All was well until she tried to dip the beater back in the bowl :)

Our friends, the Patterson's had us over for dinner at their house Saturday night and I'm so sad I didn't get any pics. Lauren made pulled pork sandwiches and they were delicious!

Sunday morning, Brian went to church while Mallory and I stayed home and I continued to give her breathing treatments to help with her cough. I missed my church family so much and can't wait to be back with them soon.

The rest of our Sunday consisted of naps and more relaxing. My kind of day!

Have a wonderful week!

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