Monday, December 16, 2013

Jam-Packed, Fun-Filled Weekend

Happy Monday friends! We had a busy but fun weekend! We were iced in last week so it was nice to get out and enjoy some of the fun this weekend. Our weekend started early because Brian and I took off work Friday. We took Mallory to see Santa and I finished my Christmas shopping. As for Santa, you've probably already seen Mallory's pic with Santa from this year...another classic. I'll blog more about it tomorrow but here's a preview:

This was right before Brian took her to see Santa.

Saturday, Brian and Cade headed to East Texas to see his friend, Jay and work and get some firewood. Mallory and I enjoyed the morning in our PJ's and I cleaned and tried to get everything done I usually do on Sunday since I knew I wouldn't be home much Saturday afternoon on.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Karlyn's 3rd birthday party! I can't believe this girl is three!!

Karlyn had a Dora themed party and Mallory was most excited about the cake. Karlyn got lots of Dora stuff and some really cute clothes! Her party was held at her new house. Ryan and Kati just moved in their new house and it is so nice! I'm so happy for them! I'm so glad we could come celebrate Karlyn and celebrate their new home!

We had about an hour in between Karlyn's party and our Sunday School party and during that time, my sister-in-law, Stephanie, came over to show us her new car! I made her give me a ride around the block.

I was so happy for her and love the new ride!

Saturday evening, we headed to The Calhoun's house for our Sunday School Christmas party. We all chipped in and had Luigi's cater it and it was soooo good! Friends, Food and Fun.

Joy's home is decorated so beautifully for the holidays! Such a great time!

Sunday morning, we headed to church and we got to see the Live Nativity they had

I thought Mallory would love to see the cute little lambs they had but she didn't want to get close so we watched from afar

And then there's these two :)  Liam and Mallory - Christmas 2013

Mallory's screaming Cheeeeese and Liam is smiling his handsome smile! I love these two so much!

After church, I headed to my friend, Betty-Ashley's wedding shower. It was originally scheduled Saturday, the 7th but the Ice storm moved it to yesterday and I was happy to be able to go. Betty-Ashley and I were both Event Planners at Women of Faith and I'm so thankful for her friendship.

It was so fun to see some of my old WoF friends. I miss them but it was so good to catch up! I'm so happy for Betty-Ashley and Zach! Zach worked on our WoF road team so they worked together before they started dating. WoF brought them together and they are perfect for each other! 

Whew...and now the week begins! The last full week before Christmas! Have a good one!

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