Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seeing Santa 2013

Friday morning, we got up and got ready to head to Bass Pro to see Santa. This is the one time of year that I look forward to going to Bass Pro :) Mallory was happy to wear her Christmas outfit and since I knew the picture with Santa probably wouldn't be all smiles, I wanted to get a picture of her all smiles before we left.

We talked about going to see Santa all week and she would be 50/50 on the subject. Sometimes she would say "Yay" to going to see Santa or "No" to going to see Santa. And I'm sure it's confusing why we only see this person once a year so I understand the trepidation. As we pulled into the parking lot, she did know where we were and why we were there and she kept saying "No, Santa." Yes, we are those parents who tortured our child for five minutes for a picture. 

They always have it decorated so pretty at Bass Pro and have so many activities for kids. I'm so glad we got there when the line for Santa opened this year. Last year, we waited a while so this year, I was hoping to go right when it opened so we wouldn't have to wait to long. The line opened at 10am so we got there around 9:30 am and got our 10am Bass Pass.

Mallory did love looking at all the decorations and especially loved the Cinderella fishing pole she found.

Papa and Grammy came and so did her cousins, Emmaline and Josiah. It's always fun to enjoy these Christmas traditions with family. We also saw Santa walking around looking at boats before it was time for him to see the kids.

And then it was time. I went to get ready to take a picture and I look back and see Brian trying to give Mallory a pep talk while she has a face full of terror.

2013. Another classic photo:

This is the official Bass Pro photo:

And here is a look back at years past

I saw on Saturday that Mallory's pic from 2012 that I submitted last week was included in an article on Babble.com. It shows 25 funny pics of kids with Santa and she was included. You can see the pics here

After that traumatic experience, we tried to get a picture with all of the kids but Mallory was done.

I love Josiah's face looking at Mallory like "what's wrong with her??"

I didn't think this year's would rival last year's but it did come close. Our happy child does not like seeing Santa but who can blame her? She only sees him once a year, he doesn't come around any other time!

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Lyndsey said...

I can't get enough of that picture! And I love her face of terror even before she's gone up to see him!