Friday, December 6, 2013

Ice Day & Gingerbread House Fun

The Ice Storm has hit and we are home bound today. At least we knew it was coming so we could be prepared for it. I could hear the freezing rain all last night and these were the trees outside our house this morning. Everything was frozen and it is cooooooold!

I'm so thankful for our fireplace and that we have enough wood to burn this weekend.

Since I knew we would have to stay in the weekend, I did bundle Mallory up and let her go out for just a minute to get some energy out. She was in her footie pajamas so I put everything on top of that. She was really excited to go outside

She kept showing me her mittens and we had to go check on her playhouse to see if the "hoppers" were there (the grasshoppers that are usually on there) and to see the Ice on it. She thought it was funny how the grass sounded whens he walked on it because of the ice breaking. We were out and back in fast but it was fun!

Since I knew we would be inside for a while, I bought a Gingerbread house kit at the store to occupy our time for a little bit. As you can tell, Mallory was a little excited about it...and so was I!

Brian and Mallory giving their "cheese" faces. This was a fun, family affair.

Brian instructed us not to eat the gingerbread but I told Mallory that we could!

Brian was in charge of constructing the house and all the icing and Mallory was in charge of decorating. Brian took his job Very Seriously and was very proud of his design.

Mallory loved getting all the candy ready for decorating. She helped Daddy in putting some icing on the snowman and then just enjoyed putting all the candy on the house. I did put two peppermints on but other than that, I helped Mallory whenever she needed me. 

We all had the best time! It was such a fun family activity and I did eat a little of the decorations! Mallory did a great job on decorating and I'm so glad we were able to do this together!

She was very happy with the outcome!

Now back to keeping warm and snuggling to stay warm from the ice cold weather! Stay safe and stay warm!

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