Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Decorating

Thursday night, after we got home from celebrating Thanksgiving with both of our families, we decided to get the Christmas decorations out and start decorating. We usually don't do it until the Friday after but we still had a good amount of time left in the evening before Mallory's (and my) bedtime so I told Brian to go ahead and bring the boxes in and we would begin. I also told him we would just fluff the tree and hang a few things up and finish on Friday but once we got started Thursday night, I just couldn't stop.

My trusty little helper wanted to help with everything. This is such a fun age - she's starting to be able to enjoy the traditions now and she got so excited when she saw the tree box. She got to help my parents but up their tree last week and loved it so I knew she would love getting to help again.

She said "wow" a lot like in this picture. Everything was "wow". And this wow was because Brian was putting the tree stand on the tree. It's the little things :)

She really enjoyed helping Daddy fluff the tree

While Mallory and Brian worked on the tree, I worked on the mantle. Our stockings are my favorite and just like I said last year, I've always wanted a mantle to hang the stockings from so I love getting to hang them up and decorate the mantle!

I asked for Mallory to go stand by the stockings so I could get a picture. This is the first one I got taken with my phone. She was saying "ta-daaa"

And this one I got taken with my real camera. Little Miss Priss if I do say so myself. I love her Christmas footie pajamas though - I got them at Carters for $8. I know Carters is glad they opened in Rockwall because they see me a lot in their store :)

And my crazy child loved playing in the Christmas Tree box and she was sitting in it when Brian plugged the lights in on the tree and this was the happy face she gave. She loved it!

Last year, she got a Minnie Mouse ornament and a Jesse and Bullseye ornament. All she wanted to do what put the Jesse ornament on. She would put it on, then take it off and put it on again. 

This was the best shot I could get of her and the tree. Yes, just her standing behind the tree.

The special part of the night was when she helped me set out the nativity set. We took each piece out one by one and I told her who each person was and how they are apart of the Christmas Story.

We got it all set up and when I came back in the room, she was just looking at it and telling me about baby Jesus. It was so sweet! I know I need to get her own nativity scene but until then, I'll let her and touch as much as she wants (to a degree) because we are talking about Jesus's birth and what Christmas is all about!

We are all decorated and excited about the Christmas season!! 

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The Killough's said...

Zoey liked to sit in our Christmas tree box as well!!!
Oh, and we have the Little People nativity...its good for kids!