Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being Two

I planned on doing an update this week about all the things Mallory is saying and doing these days and then I realized that today she is 2 1/2 so what better day to do it than today?  2 1/2 - how is my baby already two and half? Time definitely does fly but we are having so much fun with Mallory at this age!

She goes non-stop. She has so much energy and loves to be on the go. She loves going to school and loves her friends, Sophie and Addie. If you ask her about school, she will always mention her friends first. She is learning so much and loves her teachers, Ms. Meaghan and Ms. Randi. Everyday we get home, we look through her folder and she will tell me what she colored or made that day. It's one of my favorite things and I look forward to it everyday I pick her up from school.

She plays hard but she also sleeps hard. We've had some sleep issues this past month but she is doing better and sleeping in her bed all night long. She'll wake up sometimes and cry for Momma but as long has she has all of her friends, her drink, her blanket and her pillow, she's usually good to go. She still takes good naps and I'm so thankful for that! On the weekends, some of the time, I nap with her so it's nice when we both get good naps!

Her vocabulary is expanding...especially since she's been in school. She's starting to say more phrases and she's definitely in the "What's that?" phase where she asks that for Everything! If Brian and I are doing singing...she will smile and say "Stop Momma or Stop Daddy" How dare we try to sing to her?? Of course she can quote many parts of the Cinderella movies (yes, there is a Cinderella 2 & 3 and we've watched them many times).  I love hearing her little voice as she prays before we eat. It's the cutest thing and usually yells "Amen" at the end.

Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. She always asks for cheese for dinner. She does love grapes and strawberries as well as carrots and green beans. She loves it when I make tacos and always asks for more. She loves apple juice and the apple sauce pouches. She also likes to eat her Daddy's french fries if he gets some. She usually eats chicken strips if we do go out to eat and always needs ketchup with every meal. Definitely her Father's Daughter.

She's got the most beautiful smile and is all teeth. She will come up on her own and give us a hug and a kiss. It's the sweetest thing and I soak it up! I love hearing her laugh and of course, little "rella" wants to dance all the time. She's such a big helper. We usually eat off paper plates for dinner (truth) and she will ask if we are done and will take our plates to the trash. She especially loves when she helps her Daddy. She thinks she is big stuff when she gets to help him with things. I always tell her what a good helper she is!

As fun as age 2 is so far, we have gotten to see tantrums come out. If she wants something really bad and we tell her No, she will just throw herself on the ground and start crying. The other night she wanted to watch something on TV and I told her no and she crawled up on the couch, put her head down and wouldn't even look at me. Proof below:

I can't stop laughing when I look at this picture though. So dramatic!

See the diaper in the picture? Yes, she has No Interest in potty training. I know everybody says that one day it will click and she will get it but we haven't seen that day yet - ha! She just likes to tell us after she's gone so we will know to change her diaper. Let's just hope she doesn't go to Kindergarten in diapers :)

Love my little princess! Why not celebrate a 1/2 birthday? Why not celebrate everyday? We are so blessed to be parents to this little girl and are thankful God has allowed us to be her parents! Here's to the second 1/2 of Year Two! 

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