Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up; November 22-24, 2013

I was looking forward to this weekend because we didn't have too much planned and I knew it was supposed to get cold so we could stay in and be cozy in our warm home.

Friday night, Mallory and I had a girl's night at home. Brian was in California for work and was supposed to flying in from LAX late Friday night. So Mallory and I hung out, relaxed and watched some movies

She decided she wanted to bring her Minnie Mouse house in the living room so we set it up so she could watch her show while in her house.

She loved it!!

We also decided to color some and I was happy she was still long enough for me to trace her hand for the traditional easy turkey drawing. I really wanted it because I know I want to remember how littler her hands were at this time.

We also colored a paper that I wrote "Welcome Home Daddy" on and then we went to bed. And then I get a call from Brian saying this had happened at LAX: Gun Reports Cause Chaos at LAX  To say that he was a little bit shaken is an understatement and it was hard for me to be in Texas trying to figure out what was going in California. They moved Brian and everyone outside while they made sure the airport was secure and thankfully it was but after the shooting that happened there a couple of weeks ago, everybody is on high alert.

Brian finally got home around 4:45am and we were both so thankful when he got home. A couple of my form Women of Faith co-workers were also on Brian's flight and they recognized each other and I'm glad that Brian had someone he knew and could talk to. Definitely an eventful night.

Saturday morning, when Mallory got up, we went in the living room and let Brian sleep in as much as he could

I love her bed head. I just introduced her to Froot Loops and she is definitely a fan.

Brian went with his brother and family to watch the high school playoff football game but Mallory had a lunch date and took a quick trip to Target. When I asked Mallory if she wanted to go to Target, she said "popcorn!" I guess we've trained her well.

When Brian got back, we decided to go to dinner and on our way back home, we stopped by Dillards and I saw this wall in the Kid's Department:

Christmas. Cuteness. Overload.

I'm ashamed to say how long I stood there trying to decide which outfit to get. There were so many cute options. I found one that I knew Mallory would like because of the little skirt but I wanted to try it on to make sure it fit. I took Mallory to the dressing room for the first time and that was definitely an event.

The outfit comes with pants but I just wanted to make sure the top was long enough. It was and she couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror and dancing around. I realized that I didn't tell her she could wear it out and then a full meltdown ensued. Lesson Learned. 

Sunday morning, it was coooold as we headed to church so Mallory got to wear her "new to her' hand me down coat from Karlyn. She loved it!

After church, we rested and stayed in from the cold. Brian built a fire and we cozy under our blankets. 

I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving this week and enjoying the time with our family! We are so blessed! Happy Thanksgiving Week!


Lyndsey said...

Lol, glad you got your turkey hand! It turned out really cute! I didn't realize Brian had such a crazy trip home - wow!

katebradley said...

We turn Eva's tent into a "cave" like that too! Glad Brian is home safe and that you and Mallory got some fun girl time!