Monday, September 9, 2013

Eva's 2nd Birthday Party

Whew - what a weekend! A fun one at that! I love celebrating birthdays, weddings, babies, with all my friends and family and this weekend provided the opportunity for us to do that! We started the weekend out at our niece, Eva's 2nd birthday party! We headed out Saturday morning and headed to a park where her Elmo themed birthday party was being held.

Me and the birthday girl! She wanted to play with her cousins and not take pictures :)

The playground where her party was held was great! It had lots of slides and there was a big tent that covered it so the sun wasn't beating down on them - so nice!

After playing for a bit, it was time to sing Happy Birthday!

Eva blew out her Elmo candle on her birthday cookie and then it was time to enjoy the great food!

Mallory loved her cookie and I love Kayden's smile in this picture.

After eating, it was time for presents. Mallory usually doesn't do well during this part at this age because she thinks all the presents are hers but we are working on it! She was fascinated by one of the birthday bags that had Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on it. We got Eva a baby stroller - I hope she enjoys pushing her babies around in it!

After presents, the girls headed back for more play time.

Grandads pushing the grandkids. Love it!

As my Dad was pushing Mallory, I got this cute pic of her. She loved swinging!

And of course, we couldn't leave without trying to get a cute cousin pic and I think we succeeded!

I love these girls so much and I'm thrilled that they love being together!

We couldn't stay for the whole party because Brian and I had to head to OKC for a wedding but we had a wonderful time with the short time we were with our family!

Happy 2nd Birthday Eva! We Love You!

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Kati said...

So fun. I can't believe she is 2 already! Love Mallory's smile :)