Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Peslis Wedding in OKC

On Saturday, after Eva's birthday party, Brian and I hit the road for our road trip to OKC for my friend Katie's wedding. Katie and I became friends at Women of Faith when I was an Event Planner and she worked on our bookstore staff. We traveled together and enjoyed some fun nights in cities around the country. Donnie and Katie met at Women of Faith so it's a WoF love story! Even though we knew it would be a quick trip, we were looking forward to spending time together. Mallory got to enjoy herself at Nana and Papa's so I know she was having a great time! 

We knew it would take about 3 - 3 1/2 hours to get to OKC and we were making good time until we just sat in traffic for 45 minutes. We did not move for 45 minutes. The interstate was backed up and the access road was backed up so there was no way out. There was a bad accident but thankfully nobody was seriously injured but it did stall traffic for a long time. If we had been stuck for much longer, we figured we would just have to turn around and head back home because we wouldn't make it to the wedding in time.

Definitely how we felt just sitting there...not moving!

Once we made it through the traffic, we got to our hotel at 3:45 pm. We changed and left at 4:10 pm to make it to the wedding at 4:30 pm. So much for getting there early and taking our time! I'm just happy we made it safe and sound.

The church where the wedding was held was beautiful. The chapel was so gorgeous and the ceremony was so sweet!

I loved Katie's dress and the bridesmaid's dresses were so pretty too! Katie and Donnie's love for Jesus and love for each other definitely showed through during the ceremony.

And then it was time to party!

Me and my handsome date for the evening!

Mr. & Mrs. Peslis!

The cakes - as you can tell, Donnie is a big Michigan fan. 

We danced and I enjoyed catching up with all of my WoF friends. It was so great to see Anna (bottom left) and meet her new baby boy, Thatcher. So many memories with her from the road. We claimed our table the WoF table and we sat with my friends Larry, Joyce, Clay and Nicole (top right). It was such a fun time of catching up and reminiscing. And then we all busted our moves on the dance floor - especially Donnie's cousin who had the time of his life. So fun!

It was a fun night and then Sunday morning, we got up and headed back to Texas..

Not before stopping for breakfast at Cracker Barrell first. Brian and his french toast and be with my pancakes with blackberry topping. Yummo!

It was a short but sweet visit and I'm so glad we got to be there to celebrate the marriage of my sweet friend, Katie! 

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