Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ryan's Ordination

Sunday morning, we happily headed to my younger brother's church to witness his pastoral ordination. My brother has been Youth Director at this church for over a year and we were so excited to be able to come to this church that he and Kate love and serve at.  After a great morning of worship and a great word from their pastor, it was time for the ordination.

Pastor Joel asked some men to come up and lay their hands on Ryan and they prayed for him and his ministry.

It was such a special moment to see these men pray for Ryan as well as the whole church.

They also put a slideshow together (below) showing all the work he and Kate have done at their church and they gave Kate a beautiful corsage and Ryan a very nice crystal cross with his name engraved on it. It was so nice to see how much the congregation loves Ryan, Kate and Eva!

After church was over, they had a little reception with Ryan's favorite: Dr. Pepper and cupcakes.

And after the reception we headed to the local country club where one of the church members had rented a private room for our family to eat and enjoy time together. It was so great to have a room to ourselves so Mallory and Eva could run around. Eva and Mallory were so excited to see each other Sunday morning that as they were hugging, the both fell because they were hugging so hard and neither would let go! Love them! 

Pastor Ryan, Kate and Eva

The cousins - Kayden, Eva, Kiersi and Mallory.

As I was watching the ordination, my parents were sitting in front of us and I was thinking about how much I know they are proud of Ryan and the man he's become. I was also thinking as parents how full their hearts must be. This past year they've seen their oldest son become an ordained deacon, their daughter's husband become an ordained deacon and their youngest son become an ordained pastor. They've seen their children's families want to serve and further God's kingdom. I think it just shows what an amazing Christian example they set in all of our lives and God has blessed them and heard their prayers for their children and grandchildren.

Brian's Deacon Ordination - Sept 2012

Greg's Deacon Ordination - January 2013

Ryan's Pastoral Ordination - August 2013

Ryan, we are so proud of you! I can't wait to see all God has in store for you and your ministry!!

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