Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mallory's First Haircut

Thursday afternoon, we took Mallory to get her first haircut. Her hair in the back was getting a little scraggly and needed some help so my friend Amy said she would cut her hair. I wasn't sad about this first because I knew Mallory needed it and I was looking forward to this moment for her. 

Of course, I've learned with my two year old to have low expectations - ha! I knew she wasn't going to be thrilled having someone she didn't know touch her to cut her hair - I knew she would probably have to sit with me and I was just hoping we made it through with out her not wanting to sit still anymore and moving right when Amy was cutting! Thankfully, that did not happen!

We got there and I was trying to take a before picture. You can tell her hair had been in a side ponytail and she was already thrilled about what was about to happen.

These next four pictures show her emotions during it all.



Happy (for a minute)


Amy gave her a pencil and paper to write on which Mallory loved. I then got Brian's phone and held it out so she could watch her show. So funny the things you do to keep your two year old still.

She did a pretty good job sitting during the whole (maybe 5 minute) process. 

I tried to get a picture of Amy and Mallory but she was over it and wanted out of the chair.

Finally she got her prize - her goldfish snack. She didn't want Amy to blow dry her hair either so we left with wet hair but it looks so much better. 

I was able to save some curls and got to put them in this box that my mom gave me before Mallory was born.

I know there are fewer first moments now but I love celebrating each one.  She's got her new do and is ready for preschool starting next week!


Kati said...

Yay! So fun. I love her many looks during the process. :>

Josh and Shan said...

She looks so serious about what she's writing!