Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 16-18, 2013

This weekend...

We went by to see Stephanie's new classroom after work. It's at a school that's only had kids in it for one year and Stephanie gets to be the first one to use this room because they didn't have enough kids to use all the rooms last year. I think that's so neat. We headed over to see it all after work and of course, put Rob and Brian to work

They did a great job of hanging the fabric and the border for Stephanie's Word Wall. Mallory helped by playing with all of the toys. We ended the evening by eating dinner with the family at Chick-Fil-A. I hadn't had it in a week and I was definitely needing my fix!

Saturday morning, we went and picked up Cade and headed to the movie theatre. I was excited to take Mallory to see her first movie. She loves the movie Cars so I thought she would love to see Planes.

She was excited to sit in her seat and loved her popcorn...I'll blog about it more later but it was definitely fun memory.

Saturday afternoon, we went to my Aunt's to see my family and to especially see my cousin Sara Beth. She lives in North Carolina now because her husband is in the Navy. She was just visiting for the week so we were happy to get to see her.

We love to play cards when we get together and Saturday night was no different. It gets intense sometimes and I love it.

Sunday morning was a special morning because we headed to my younger brother, Ryan's church to see him become ordained as a pastor.

It was such a special moment and I was so glad we could be there! I'm so proud of him and am excited to see all he continues to do in His ministry.

Sunday afternoon when we got home, we took naps and we got ready for the week ahead. And then we watched Mallory do this:

Yes, we are those crazy parents using the decorative couch pillows as cushion but she loved it.

And here we are at Monday...have a great week!

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