Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: July 5-7, 2013

Happy Monday! Friday night, we got to spend with Stephanie and Cade! They came over and we had pizza and s'mores for dessert. The weekend before when we had Caleb, we had s'mores so I knew Cade needed one too.

I think he liked it

Saturday, we had no plans and no where to be for once in a long time!. I ran a couple of errands including taking a bunch of clothes to Kid to Kid. They took a lot of clothes and shoes so I'm happy that I was able to get some cash for some of it! I've got a whole lot of fall/winter clothes ready to take up there when they are taking those!

For breakfast, Mallory really wanted her new giraffe she got from Uncle Jim & Aunt Laurie's trip to Aftrica to eat with her.

We played and played and played on Saturday. You can tell by the status of her playroom in this picture. I'm pretty sure every toy she has was pulled out.

Saturday evening, my Dad texted us to tell us that my grandmother was being taken to the hospital. She was very ill so Sunday morning, Brian and Mallory headed to church and I headed to the hospital to see her. She was in the ICU - she has pneumonia and they are still running more tests to see if there are any other problems. When she first arrived to the hospital, her temperature was 104-105 degrees but thankfully that had gone down by Sunday. I got to back and see her a couple of times while I was there. She is intubated so it was hard to see her in that condition but she did open her eyes and know I was there. I would greatly appreciate prayers for her. 

I did get Mallory ready for church before I left and had to get a photo. Thanks again to Karlyn/Kati for another great hand-me-down.

I did make it back for a little bit of our sweet friend, Delta Mae's 1st birthday party!

Thanks to Lyndsey for the photos - I missed the cake part of the party but it looks like she loved it!

The theme of the party was "apple of my eye" and so there were a lot of apples around for decoration so Mallory decided to take the apples down and eat them.

She's eaten apple slices but I haven't given her a whole apple before. Guess she likes them :)

Thanks again for the prayers for my grandmother! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

PS. Happy 14th Birthday Caleb! We Love You!!!

Yes, this is pre-crazy long hair :)

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katebradley said...

Eva wore the same dress to church on Sunday! We have it white and pink from last summer and just wear it with leggings now :) I love it! Mallory looks just as pretty in it as Eva does!