Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July 2013

This 4th of July we headed to Corsicana with Stephanie and Cade for a family reunion. Brian's grandmother's cousins and families get together every 4th of July. We've never been as long as I've been in the family but we knew how happy Brian's grandmother would be if we went, so we headed that way.

All of us on the road. Mallory looks thrilled!

There was definitely lots of good food. I didn't know a lot of the people there so I just stuck with the family I knew. 

Thankfully a lot of our family came so it was fun to be with them all.

Gran kept tell us how happy she was and we were so happy to see her happy. Mallory was thrilled to see Grammy and never left her side. I love Emmaline's outfit and red, white and blue tutu. So cute!

This was the best family photo we could get. Yes, fingers in mouth - at least we will know that this was the season of teething when we look back at these pictures!

After we got back from Corsciana, we packed up again and headed to Cooper's Mom's house to celebrate the 4th with some friends!

I cannot believe how old these two look here! Growing so fast!

Brian was in charge of the grill. Cooper and Jill put the bounce house up and kids had the best time going back and forth between swimming and jumping in the bounce house.

The sunset was gorgeous! I will have to say that it was a little chilly in and out of the pool. I'll definitely take that for July 4th! Mallory didn't stay in the pool too long - she was more interested in eating and walking around in the grass.

Soon, it was time for sparklers. I couldn't wait to see what Mallory thought of the sparklers and she loved them!

She must get her love for them from her mother. I love sparklers. She did just want to touch the end of the sparkler a couple of times but we caught her before she grabbed it.

Then, the boys came back with a trunk load full of fireworks

They had extra long sparklers so Liam and Mallory got to hold the sparklers again. We all sat out in the yard and watched as the boys entertained us with the fireworks. They put on a good show!

It was a long, busy day but so fun being with family and friends!

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