Friday, July 12, 2013


Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend friends! I'm here and will hopefully get in the blogging groove again. I am still getting adjusted to my work schedule - I'm learning that the beginning of the week will probably be longer days due to the work load but we are making it work. Brian has been so supportive and helpful and I'm so thankful for him! So here's what we've been up to and what's going...

We've started watching Big Brother 15. I'm having a hard time getting into this season but I'm hanging in there. Brian and I have been watching it together ever since we started dating so it is our Summer tradition

Monday night, we went to see Caleb and give him his present for his birthday

Mallory loved the indoor complex and enjoyed running around.

Tuesday, we got this lovely note on our door handle:

I guess we need to get to pulling weeds!

Tuesday night, I went to our Women's Ministry event our church. I'm excited to now be helping co-lead the Women's Ministry at our church. I've been praying for a while to figure out where I could plug-in more and serve and about 2 months ago, my now, co-leader Sherri, called and asked if I would be interested in partnering with her and working in the Women's Ministry. I prayed about it, talked to Brian - which he was 100% supportive and told Sherri that I would love to serve alongside her! I'm look forward to what the future holds. I'm hoping we can work together with all the ladies in our church on outreach projects as well as working on some great events for our ladies. If any of my friends reading this, have any ideas, please let me know!

Wednesday, Mallory went to Grammy's house for the day and I got this picture while at work:

Mallory got to go to Chuck E Cheese and she rode the tea cup with Kennedy. I figured she would love all of the rides and games as well as the pizza. That girl loves some pizza. Pam said she definitely loved the game where you could hit the the animals popping up - I guess she needed to let out some aggression! 

Wednesday nights, Brian's been playing softball with Rob and some other guy friends this Summer. This Wednesday night his game was at 9:30 pm so as I was getting ready for bed, Brian was leaving to go play. He loves playing and I'm hoping we will get up there soon to cheer him on.

Just like I said in the Weekend Wrap-up, Mallory loved eating the apples at Delta Mae's birthday party. Well, nothing has changed this week. Brettni had a lot of apples and she gave them to us and Mallory has eaten them up. I don't think she can get enough of them! 

After she was done with the apple, she put it somewhere and when I asked where the apple was, she took me to the end table, pulled out the drawer and handed it to me. Crazy girl!

Here's to the weekend friends! Have a great one!

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