Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crib Jumping

The time has come. I didn't think it was going to be this week or even this month but that all changed Tuesday night when Mallory climbed lunged out of her crib.I laugh because I have recently talked with my friend Kati and sister-in-law Kate about how their kiddos are in toddler beds but Mallory hadn't even tried to climb out the crib. 

I'll back up a little...lately, Mallory has totally been regressing when it comes to bedtime. She used to go down so easily. We could lay her in her crib and she would fall asleep on her own with no problems. Lately, I would lay her in her crib and she would not just cry, but scream when I left the room and kept doing it for a long time. I would even rock her to sleep and when I would go to lay her down, she would wake up knowing I wasn't there anymore and the screaming would begin again. I was trying to figure out if she was scared, just clingy to me or what so as we were trying to figure it out, we put her to bed Tuesday night and of course she started crying again.

As Brian and I walked into our room, we looked at the monitor and saw Mallory lift her leg and we thought that was a one time thing. Noooooo, next thing we knew, Mallory lifted her leg up again and we saw her go over and fall out of the crib!!! So we run into her room and pick her up - I think she just landed on her bottom but scared her more than anything.- scared us to death too! So, after that, we knew that crib rail was coming down and converting into the toddler bed. It was already late so we she her wish to sleep with us

I know she was thinking that if she just got over her crib rail, she would get to lay with us. Well played Mallory, well played.

When we got home from work yesterday, Brian took the front rail of the crib off and our toddler bed was ready

We told Mallory to come look at her bed and she climbed up and started jumping on it!

Last night, Brian had a softball game so it was just Mallory and me. I told her that she was a big girl and had to sleep in her bed by herself tonight. I think she was more confused as to why she could just get into her bed and not have to be lifted in.

As I write this, last night, she is asleep in her bed.

She did cry and get up after I tucked her in bed. I told her to lay back down in her bed and she did. She cried a little bit but she finally fell asleep.

I'm sad/happy for this new transition. Happy for her and that I don't have to worry about when she will try and get out of her crib but sad because it's just another part of her growing up. Where did my baby go? I do wish I would have known three nights ago would have been her last night in her crib but she didn't know that either so we move on!

Here's hoping that when you read this today, we will have had a good night's sleep!

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Jennifer Smith said...

Big girl!!! I'm dreading the day we move Makenzie into a "big girl" bed. The babies are growing up!!