Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday Fun for Number 31!

Friday night was definitely the best start to the birthday weekend! We didn't have a lot of plans the rest of the weekend but I love just being with family and friends so I knew it would be a good one!

Usually, I'm the one to write different things on our chalkboard but Brian did write on it for me this time!

Saturday morning, Brian got up and headed to our church's golf tournament. Mallory had stayed and my parent's house Friday night so I got to sleep in until...8:30 am!! Hey, I'll take it! My parents brought back Mallory around 9:30 am. I knew she would be so sad to leave them because my parents were also keeping my niece, Eva and Mallory and Eva love each other so much! I know Mallory was in heaven all day Friday and Friday night being with Papa, Nana and Eva. After I got Mallory, we ran some errands and then came home for nap time. I think Mallory's birthday present to me was taking a three hour nap!

Saturday night, we went to eat at our favorite place: Texas Roadhouse. All the times we've been with a bigger group before, we've all been able to sit together but this time, they separated us and we had to sit in two booths. So sad but I think everyone still had a good time and of course, loved the food!

As you can see, Mallory was thrilled to take her picture with us. Since we were in two booths, Mallory kept wanting to go back and forth between Liam and Nana so we finally had to put a stop to that!

I seriously love my friends and family! Mallory wanted to sit by Liam as soon as we got there so it was The Loflands and Mallory all one side of the booth. I was just letting Lyndsey get prepared for what her life will be like with a boy and a girl. You're welcome friend :)

Sunday morning, my Actual Birthday, we got up and headed to church. Gosh I love this little girl so much!

Yes, she is holding Cinderella. She loves to hold Cinderella and spin around and dance with her. 

I loved our church service Sunday morning and I told Brian the music was another great birthday present because they sang old gospel hymns. Growing up in East Texas, those were the songs we sang and I have so many memories of singing them in our church. I love the contemporary worship music today too but there's always a spot in my heart for the older hymns. My very favorite song is "Victory in Jesus" and we did sing it Sunday morning. Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday after church, I headed to our friend's The Duquette's home to help set up for our friend Kelle's baby shower.

Kelle is expecting baby Wyatt next month and it was so fun to celebrate him and her. There was so much good food and the decorations for the "Ahoy, it's a Boy" theme were so cute! We seriously have some wonderfully creative ladies in our Sunday School class. We had a great time just chatting it up and enjoying some girl time Sunday afternoon!

When I got home, Brian and Mallory gave me my birthday cards. I laughed when I saw how Brian addressed my card:

That's a smart man I married! 

Another precious gift was Sunday evening, my Mom called and I got to talk to my grandmother. Every year, my grandmother calls and tells me Happy Birthday and I was pretty sad knowing she wasn't going to be able to call me this year since she was still in the hospital recovering but my Mom went down Sunday to stay with her and she called me and gave the phone to Mamaw and she told me Happy Birthday! It was so great to hear her voice! She is sounding stronger and is slowly recovering, thankfully!

And Sunday night, I just enjoyed being with my little family! They make each year of my life so much fun!

I'm so blessed to be her Momma!!

And that concludes the birthday weekend! It was Amazing and I had the best time with my family and friends! Here's to seeing what all year 31 holds!!

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