Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: July 26-28, 2013

This weekend we started out at my parent's house Friday night. We celebrated our Summer family birthdays. We missed Melody but her cakes are in such high demand, especially on the weekends, she is very busy! Mallory, of course, couldn't wait to head over to Nana and Papa's and see her cousins. 

My mom and I - our birthdays are a week apart. I think I'm best early birthday present she's ever received :)

I love our crazy family! Whenever I get the iPhone out, Kiersi, Kayden and I have to start taking silly face pictures. And then Brian jumped in. I love the picture on the bottom left because it's basically captioned "How many men does it take to figure out where the HDMI cable goes?"

Saturday morning, I headed out to run some errands and do a little shopping with my birthday money. I went to Charming Charlies to get some new earrings and I actually ran into a blogger friend - Jennifer from Simply the Smiths. We live in the same town but have never "met" personally. She was leaving and I had just started looking and I saw she looked familiar and we had one of those "hey, I think I know you" moments. I got to meet her sweet daughter, Kenzie, so that made for a fun morning!

Saturday evening, I headed out with my friends for a Girl's Night

We ate at a restaurant in downtown Dallas and enjoyed just hanging with each other. It's always nice to have play dates with our kids but it's always nice to have an evening just with the girls. After dinner we headed to Breadwinners for dessert. I got a slice of the chocolate cream pie. It was delicious! It was a really fun night!

Sunday, was my Mom's birthday so after getting Mallory ready for church, we headed outside to try and get a picture to send Nana

I was happy that we got one and she did Nana Happy Birthday over FaceTime yesterday

Here are some outtakes though:

She kept wanting to put the paper in front of her face :)

I was really looking forward to enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap. I think Mallory sensed my excitement by not taking a nap at all. I know she was exhausted too because she is always so sleepy after church but nothing we said or did could get her to sleep. So finally, I just turned a movie on and made her rest while watching it so I could at least get some time just to rest.

So, as she was eating dinner last night, I went to tell her to eat her veggies and saw this:

I cannot tell you the last time she has fallen asleep at dinner. I knew she was so tired but I guess she only sleeps on her own terms. Ughhhh. I'll give you an update on our toddler bed transition soon but this can probably give you an idea of how it is going!

And now we are back to Monday! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Jennifer Smith said...

It was so nice to meet you in person on Saturday. We should get the girls together to play!!! Have a good week!!