Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Love & Hate

Happy Wednesday! It's nice to know that tomorrow is a day off for the 4th of July!  And Brian is taking Friday off so he has a 4 day weekend coming up - I guess I'll be the one being quiet so I don't wake him or Mallory up when I leave for work on Friday! Anywho...

Today, I am and loving the weather! I usually don't get to say that in July but Yes, I'll take highs in the low 90's and not in the 100's and lows in the 60's! There was a cool breeze when we were outside last night - I'll enjoy this cold front while it lasts!!

I'm not loving or basically, hating...teething. I knew the 2 year molars were coming but didn't know when! Last weekend, Mallory kept putting her fingers in her mouth and was drooling a lot so we thought it might be ahead. Sunday night, Stephanie and I got Mallory to actually open her mouth for us and we saw that her bottom left molar was poking through. And Monday night, we didn't sleep much. Poor little girl was so miserable. She had a little fever and was pretty much up and down all night.

Thankfully she took a 3 hour nap on Tuesday (while I was trying to keep my eyes open at work) and started to feel better. I was pretty sure we needed some frozen yogurt to help the gums feel better.

She loved feeding me the yogurt more than eating it! So, I enjoyed most of it for her :)

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe 4th of July tomorrow!

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