Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summertime Fun

I'm LOVING this Summertime with Mallory! I've had the best time with her last week and this week! I'm starting a new job next week so since I'm not going to be at the school anymore, my Summertime off has been cut from two months to two weeks but I knew that when I accepted the new position and was ready to pack as much Summer fun as I could in two weeks!

Here's some of the fun things we've done together:

 We've enjoyed Chick-Fil-A lunch together,

Swimming with our friends,

Naps together,

Playing inside and outside,

Making a pallet on the living room floor and watching Cars,

Chick-Fil-A lunch again with our friends Lyndsey and Liam,

more swimming with our friends,

enjoying going to VBS,

and enjoyed a dinner date together Monday night while Daddy was at the Rangers game.

As we were at dinner Monday night and my little girl was sitting across from me, I almost started the happy cry right then and there thinking how blessed I am to be her mom. We chatted it up while we enjoyed our meal and I know she may not remember these moments, but I will. Forever

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