Friday, June 21, 2013

VBS 2013

This week we've been at our church's Vacation Bible School. Lyndsey and I taught a 4 year old class (which was really 5 year olds but with VBS you stay in the age/grade you were the past year) so we got to hear all about how excited they were to go to Kindergarten next school year! Our theme this year was Facing Fear, Trusting God. It played off the fun/fear of roller coasters - Colossal Coaster.

Last Friday and Saturday, Lyndsey and I went up to decorate our room. 

We added the names to the chalkboard and to the roller coaster cars when our kids came this week.

We had 9 sweet kids - 2 boys and 7 girls - and I loved teaching them. They were so good and were so interested in all we did. It helped that they got to tell us about all of the roller coasters they had ridden :) From bible story time to crafts to music, they all acted so well and had fun everywhere we went!

We had over 200 volunteers to help with VBS this year and I really enjoyed getting to work with many of them! The other 4 year old class was taught by our friends Lacey and Lizzie and they helped us out so much!

The worship leaders during the worship rallies were the best! They could get all of the kids singing and doing all of the motions. The bottom left picture is of the tables full of food that the some ladies in our church fix for all the volunteers. They definitely treated us well!

As much as I was looking forward to teaching kids this past week, I was also so excited for Mallory to go to VBS again. She loves church and she loves Liam so I knew that being with Liam at church for 4 days in a row, she would be thrilled. I was correct!

Wednesday was crazy hair day and she knocked the crazy out of the park. She cracks me up!

She had some great teachers including our friend, Jamie. They got to go to all the places our group did so we got some cute crafts and I know she loved getting to play the musical instruments.

It was so great getting to enjoy this week with our friends. I'm thankful Lyndsey and I taught together and that our kiddos got to enjoy VBS together!

The last day they danced and really got into the "Yes to VBS" song

I love that when Mallory doesn't know the next motion, she just starts turning in circles :)

On the last day, we took pictures in the roller coaster

So many wonderful memories made this week!

Our memory verse this week was:

"God helps me. I will not be afraid."
Hebrews 13:6

That verse can be our encouragement whether we are 2 or 92. Even though I helped teach a class this week, I learned a lot! 1, 2: It is true, God Loves Me and God Loves You!!

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