Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

Happy Monday! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating all the Fathers in our lives! Friday night, I told Brian to pick wherever he wanted to eat and we would go eat there. He decided he wanted to just to pick up his favorite, Five Guys, and relax at home. So, that is what we did!

He also got a dessert at Sonic and his little mini me knows when there is ice cream!

Saturday night, we headed to meet my brother, his family and my parents at Cowboy Chicken so we could celebrate my Dad.

Mallory was so happy to see Papa! Since I've been off in the Summer, she hasn't seen him during the week as much as she usually does so I know she was missing him!

Papa with Kiersi, Mallory and Kayden. We missed Ryan, Kate and Eva!

After eating, we walked around and there was a little play area for kids with a maze.

I had the best time with Kiersi and Kayden. We played hide-n-go seek in the maze and laughed everytime we found each other! Mallory was more interested in the little houses they had instead of the maze. And she wasn't good at the sitting still part until someone found you :)

Sunday morning, we got ready and headed to church

Mallory was more interested in grabbing Brian's face instead of smiling for the camera!

I gave her Brian's card and she took it to him before we went to church. Honestly, I bought cards for my Dad and Brian last week thinking I would get ahead for once and I have no idea where they are. Saturday, before we left to go eat with my family, I had Brian even looking for his card because I had searched the drawer I always put cards in and everywhere else I could think of. I guess I must have thrown them away not knowing I did. So much for being ahead! That meant Brian and Dad got handmade cards. Sunday morning, I just grabbed a white piece of cardstock, traced Mallory's hand and wrote "You are the best Dad, hands down." I'm pretty sure he liked it more than a store bought card anyway!

Sunday night, we headed to Brian's Aunts to celebrate some more! I volunteered to bring a dessert and I usually make a fruit pizza but this time I decided to make mini fruit tarts. 

There were none left when we left last night so I think it's safe to say, they were a success. And they were easy to make so I think this may be my go-to dessert from now on!

We ate burgers and I devoured the blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream. Yummo! It was so great being with all of the family!

Brian, his grandfather (Pop), and Rob

Pop and The Estes Boys

It was a great weekend celebrating these important men in our lives! We are so blessed to have these men of God!

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