Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We are Family

I love our family and I love living close to them! Saturday night, we decided to go eat at Texas Roadhouse and I was happy that our favorite Estes family could go too!

We all know how much Mallory loves Cade and she was even more excited when he got her to give him some dap

And then she had to give everybody some dap :)

They brought out our food and Caleb got this huge Chicken Fried Steak. After eating some of the Onion Blossom and his salad, we weren't sure if he was going to be able to eat it all. I was told to say he did so I'm sticking to that!

Our before food picture and our after. We ate so much and made ourselves miserable 

After eating, we headed to Firewheel to walk it all off and Mallory had to hold cousin Cade's hand the whole way.

And then I got a great picture of the triplets. Cade has always been a mini me of Brian and now Mallory is his mini me too so it was fun to see them together.

I cherish all the times we get to be together. I know that it was dinner and a little shopping but it was the fun little memories made that I'll remember. Cherish every moment!

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