Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lee County Fair Wedding

Sunday afternoon, we headed to East Texas for the wedding of our very good family friend, Callie and her fiancee Todd. I've known Callie all of her life and our family and the Butler family are great family friends. We love each other's families dearly. I've been looking forward to Callie's wedding since she got engaged last year and even more so after getting the wedding invitation:

Since we were going to be close to my grandmother's house, we decided to stop by and see her before we headed to the wedding.

I was excited and nervous to take Mallory to her first wedding. As we all know, she doesn't sit still and is not quiet so there was two strikes against us. But what she does like to do: color and eat. Thankfully, there was crayons, coloring paper and I brought the snacks.

This is after she dumped the Yogurt Melts on her chair. I think she did a great job considering having to be quiet for good while. Thankfully her cousins were there to help entertain her and she could walk back and forth from me to Nana.

It started to sprinkle a little during the ceremony but it actually cooled it down so that was nice!

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Lee

While waiting to head to the reception area, we took some cute cousin photos

Mallory loves all of her cousins. I love Kiersi and Kayden's dresses and boots. Sunday was Kayden's birthday so it was fun getting to see her on her birthday too!

Our family was assigned to the Tilt'A'Whirl table. The tables were all named after fair games, rides, etc... 

Mallory, Kiersi and Kayden loved all of the games and the prizes. Melody loved the bottled Dr. Pepper - only her 2nd one of this year! 

They also had a lady drawing caricatures so Kiersi and Kayden got their faces drawn. I wanted to get Mallory's but I figured she wouldn't sit still too long since there was so much going on.

My Dad and Gina, Callie's mom. Gina student taught under my Dad and they've always had a special relationship. Gina's been a great mentor to me and one of my biggest supporters. I love her and her dress!

Along with the all the fair food, was the beautiful cake that Callie's Aunt Jamesa made.

It has a Cinderella/Prince Charming topper which goes right with Callie's love of Cinderella. She and Todd's first dance was to the music from the ballroom scene of Cinderella. They had taken lessons and it was so good! Once Mallory heard the dance music, she said "Rella!" and called Callie "Rella" all night.

Mallory and Callie aka "Rella." Her dress had a pink tint to it and she looked gorgeous!

What a fun evening celebrating our friends! Here's to their Happily Ever After!

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Kati said...

What a fun wedding! Glad Mal was good :-)