Friday, May 24, 2013

Mallory's 2nd Birthday Party...Part 2

Saturday morning, it was time to Party! Thankfully, my BFF Julie took pictures throughout the party and I also got some from Lyndsey and Kate! I'm so glad there are lots of fun photos to share!

Our family ready to party!

I think the popcorn machine was a big hit! Thanks to Jill for making the popcorn!

I'm honestly not sure just how much popcorn Mallory ate. Most of her party, I saw her with popcorn in hand - ha! But hey, it's her birthday!

When we decided on the balloon theme, I thought it would be cool if we had somebody at the party make balloon animals. When I mentioned it to Pam, she told me that Brian's cousin, Foster, knew how to make them. I was so excited someone in the family had that talent - come to find out it's really Abbi, his wife, that can make all the fun creations :) It was so fun seeing her make balloon flowers, swords, etc... for the kids. Thanks Abbi for sharing your talent with us!

I think Daniel loved his sword! Zoey didn't have a balloon but she looked so darn cute, I had to show her off in this collage!

After popcorn and balloon swords, animals and flowers, it was time to open presents.

I thought Mallory might be more interested in opening all of her presents this year but after 1 or 2, she decided she wanted to play with her friends. I got to open most of the presents and we were seriously blessed with some cute, cute clothes and other fun toys!

Mallory's present from her Daddy and I was a tricycle

I wish I could have gotten a picture of her when Brian pushed it in. He said her smile was so big when she came running up to it.

Grammy and Pappy got her a Cozy Coupe which I knew she would love! Zoey got one at her birthday party and Mallory wanted it to be hers so bad so I knew when Pam said she was getting that for her that she would be thrilled!

And she was thrilled and she sat in it all Saturday afternoon and night when we got home.

Cake time!

She was smiles until we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She got shy and wanted Daddy to hold her but we still all blew the candles out.

The last thing we did was the balloon drop. Some of the boys went upstairs and threw the balloons down and I think the kids loved it!

We had the best time with our family and friends! We are so blessed and are so grateful for everybody taking time to come celebrate our little girl's birthday!

I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of everybody but here are some I got! And I'm so thankful that we got a 4 generation picture. The last one we have is when Mallory was a newborn so I wanted to make sure I got one at Mallory's party.

And right on cue, she's eating popcorn :)

Thanks for Popping By!

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katebradley said...

Such a great 4 generations photo! We try to take those with Eva, my mom, and grandma on holidays too! Your other party guests photos turned out really good too!