Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mallory's 2nd Birthday Party...Part 1

Mallory's 2nd birthday party was this past Saturday and Brian's Uncle Jim & Aunt Laurie's house. It was where we had her 1st birthday party so I was so happy they let us party at their house again! When I was thinking about her theme, I was really hoping to do something simple. Once I decided on balloons, since she LOVES them, I was off and running. I started by finding the invitation on Etsy at Anita Marie Design's shop. Once I found it, I planned the party around it. I wanted to do light pink, dark pink and white balloons. Keep it fun and girlie too!

I love her invitation and couldn't wait to mail them out!

When I told my friends about the balloon themed birthday party, they gave me so many great ideas. My friend Jill told me about an idea she saw on Pinterest with balloons tied to golf tees and lined the walkway to the house. I loved it and knew I had to at least try it.

Unfortunately, it was pretty windy Saturday morning and most people had to step over the balloons because they were blowing in the walkway but it looked cute before they all popped!

My crafty friend, Lyndsey, was a big help in the decorations for Mallory's party. She was so kind to want to help me plan it and she loves to use her Cricut so I couldn't deny her that satisfaction, right?? We printed out labels and balloons/letters below for her birthday balloon banner.

I think it turned out so cute! One of my favorite decorations at the party!

I loved all the balloons. It was quite a sight Saturday morning as I was leaving Kroger with 24 helium balloons trying to fit them in my car. I know someone was having a good laugh but thankfully I made to Jim & Laurie's with not one balloon popped.

Since "pop" went with balloons, we played off that word for a lot of things. We had a "ready to pop" baby shower last year for our friends and I knew my friend had a popcorn machine. She was so kind and let me use it for Mallory's birthday party. Mallory LOVES popcorn so she was thrilled to see all the popcorn being made.

I went to the store and bought a lot of popcorn seasoning so people could season their popcorn to their heart's content. Who knew there were so many seasoning flavors? Not me! By the popcorn, we had soda "pop"

Now to the main table. My sister-in-law, Melody of Melody Bradley Cakes, is an amazing cake baker, maker, designer, etc... You name it, she can do it. I found a picture of a cake she did a while back and just changed the colors to dark pink, light pink and white. And she made the balloon toppers to top it all off! It was so nice and tasted DELISH! 

My mom made some fruit and veggie trays and we snuck some blow "pops" in for fun. I love the way the table turned out.

Up close of the pretty cake! It was strawberry cake and strawberry icing. YUM YUM!!

There's the "y" from away that I was missing Friday night :) Lyndsey cut out some letters for me to put a couple of phrases up. 

This is what everyone saw on the way out. I don't have a close up shot but the bubbles have personalized labels that say "Mallory is 2" and have balloons on them. The kiddos could also get a ring "pop" as their party gift too.

So there's the theme, food and decorations part of the party. I thought it turned out great and am so thankful to everybody helping me to make Mallory's birthday party a success! She loved it all!


katebradley said...

Everything was so cute! What a great theme! I wish I had a circuit now. Maybe one day...

Telling It Like It Is said...

I've been trying to reach Melody Bradley Cakes via her Facebook page messaging, but I haven't heard back from her yet. I've commented twice on her Cake page on Facebook too, but have yet to hear back. I private messaged her with all the details of the cake I'd like her to make for an upcoming special birthday party, but so far there's been no reply. I'm getting concerned that I may have to find someone else to do the cake. :(