Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mallory's 2nd BirthDAY

First off, thanks to everybody for Mallory's birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this blog, etc... She and Brian and I felt the love! Brian and I both took off so we could all be together on Mallory's birthday - I'm so thankful we can do that and be together as a family! However, Brian did have to go in to work for a couple of hours yesterday morning to sit in on some interviews so it was me and my little girl for breakfast! 

So, I had to put a piece of bread under the waffle to steady the candles - ha! And by the end of me singing Happy Birthday to her, she was ready to eat the waffle :)

We originally had planned to go to the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park but since we knew there was the potential of bad weather coming, we changed our plans. We just didn't want to be caught in a storm and have to drive back through anything bad so it was onto Plan B. We decided to go to an indoor playground to let her run around. Of course, I wanted to take pictures before we left.

Daddy and his little girl

Love her!

I love this outfit she got for her birthday from her Uncle Jim & Aunt Laurie! I had to try and get some pictures of her in it because she looked so darn cute!

We got to go by and see Auntie and Uncie! Auntie went with us to the playground & lunch and it was fun getting to be with her on Mallory's birthday.

We invited Liam to come play with us at the playground and for lunch at McDonalds.

Mallory was so excited to see Liam! Lyndsey sent me a video of Liam wishing Mallory Happy Birthday yesterday morning - it was the sweetest thing and Mallory kept asking to watch it over and over! I love their friendship and cannot believe they are now both 2 years old!

After lunch and playing at McDonalds, we headed back home for naps. Then, the storm blew through. Thankfully, it was not a bad storm, mostly high winds and a little flooding but nothing compared to Oklahoma - Such devastation there - our prayers are with everyone there.

Mallory did get to FaceTime with some of her favorite people yesterday afternoon. We got to FaceTime with Eva, Aunt Kate, Uncle Ryan, Nana, Papa, Grammy, Pappy, Uncie, Auntie, Caleb and Cade 

I love FaceTime! This is while Aunt Kate, Eva and Uncle Ryan were singing Happy Birthday to Mallory! 

Yesterday evening, we got what was left of the cake from the party out and put the candles in it!

I love in the last pic, Mallory is showing us she is two! She kept wanting to eat the cake before we sang to and I had to tell her to wait :)

Please excuse Brian and I's singing voices but it was fun singing to her again.

What a fun, joy-filled day being with my little birthday girl and Brian. We had the best time together and is truly a day I'll never forget!


katebradley said...

I can't believe how patient she was with her cake while you were singing! I'm pretty sure Eva would be grabbing at it or shoving it off her tray for fun!

Lyndsey said...

What a fun day for a special girl! She looked so cute in her special birthday outfit!